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Top 5 Natural Cures For Bells Palsy


In Bells Palsy only one side of your face may be affected by paralysis. It is a neurological disease. Due to Bells Palsy the cranial nerve in your face gets damaged. You are unable to eat and smile. Sometimes you may find it difficult to blink your eyes.

The taste buds become inactive and you cannot able to speak properly. Pain in neck and head may be considered as a symptom for Bells Palsy. It affects both men and women. You can expect some improvement in your health through natural remedies.

Natural Cures For Bells Palsy

Massage To Protect Your Face

Massage may correct paralysis and it might improve blood circulation. You can prevent further damage to your face and skin with the help of massage. Use olive oil for massage. Warm up the oil before you start massaging. Initiate from lower part of your face. Then proceed slowly towards upper part. To do massage you can use your thumb and index finger. Massage your cheeks, forehead and eyebrows. Do massage in a circular motion. Put some pressure. It is essential to recover the nerve from damage.

Massage To Protect Your Face

Garlic To Cure Swellings

Due to Bells Palsy there may be swellings in your face. As the nerves get affected by this problem you can expect more pain in your face. The simple and easy way to cure swellings and pain is to consume garlic. You can crush three to five cloves of garlic daily. For better result consume it with olive oil. Crushing the garlic may improve the movement in your face and it is essential for your muscles and nerves.


Castor Oil Heals The Damaged Nerve

You may need castor oil to improve the elasticity of facial muscles. It is essential to increase the strength of the muscles and nerves in your face. Heat castor oil. Leave it sometime to cool. Then dip cotton cloth into the oil and apply the oil to your face. This method may provide you the necessary benefits. You can see immense improvement if you follow these steps regularly.

Castor Oil

Include Celery In Your Diet

The vitamins and minerals present in celery may cure your nerve damage and it is essential for your health. Consume the leaves and sticks. You can eat even raw celery for quick improvement. The symptoms of Bells Palsy may disappear due to the medicinal properties present in celery. Bells Palsy symptoms may reoccur. Good nutrition and rest is essential for you. It is easy to follow these natural cures. So try this along with the treatment till you get cured completely.


Hot Compress – An Easy Way To Relax The Facial Muscles

For hot compress you need only hot water and a clean cloth. Dip the cloth in hot water. After you squeeze out the excess water fold the cloth. The cloth has now turned into a hot compress. Just keep this hot compress on your face. Do this atleast 2 times a day. To relax the muscles you need the support of this hot compress. It might prevent your facial muscles from further damage.