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5 Natural Cures For Back Pain

Natural Cure To Back Pain

[toc]A Backache is one of the most common aches that are prevalent among people during sometime or the other and it is not necessary that the pain has to be in the spine or the bones, it could be a muscle spasm to a ligament tear or probably an injury of some sort. It could be something as simple as a pain due to bad posture to something quite serious and chronic like a slip disc.

Back pain also arises due to certain problems with certain organs such as prostate, kidney, or some kind of pelvic disorder. Strenuous physical activity or misalignment of the vertebrae could also be the culprit. Back pain can be either acute or chronic and can be persistent.

The acuteness of this pain can disrupt the lifestyle. Whatever reason causes this pain, there are plenty of natural cures available to treat it, and the source of affliction of this pain is diagnosed correctly. These natural cures are readily available, non-invasive, and result oriented, the benefit of these cures are mentioned below.

5 Best Natural Cures For Back Pain


Acupressure For Back Pain

One of the most effective natural and alternate therapies that give prompt relief in back pain is Acupressure. This technique originates from china and is like acupuncture that involves applying pressure to specific points, but with the help of two forefingers instead of the needles.

The ideal way to do is to make the patient lie down and then according to the reason of pain, apply pressure to the corresponding points. These pressure points are usually present in the palms of the hand or the soles of the feet. Though one can give acupressure to one’s self, it is always advisable to get this procedure done by an experienced acupressure practitioner, as there could be complications arising if the wrong pressure points are pressed.

Yoga And Meditation

Meditation For Back Pain

A slow but gradual source of pain relief is Yoga. It is a form of low intensity exercise and helps in relieving tension and stresses that is also a cause of back pain. Practising yoga involves certain poses and certain pranayama that is a type of breathing exercise which lets the oxygen flow in the back region. Sarvangasan is ideal for the spine as it helps to stretch the back and release the pain.

Meditation is a part of yoga and is excellent for curing the back ache as it involves concentration positive visualization of good health. This helps in getting rid of mental stress which could be another cause of back pain.

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Turmeric For Back Pain

The best natural ingredient to cure back aches is turmeric. Its powder can be prepared by drying a piece and then grounding it. This powder can then be added to a glass of hot milk and consumed at least three times a day. Turmeric has properties that help to relieve the pain and cure any kind of internal inflammation, so the use of this natural cure is ideal in relieving pain.

A paste prepared with turmeric and slaked lime can be applied to affected area as it is highly beneficial in the case of sprain or any external injury. Care should be taken to consume this in moderation as it can affect the stomach if taken more than 6 to8 teaspoons in a day.


Massage For Back Pain

A massage is another well known cure to heal any type of back pain. It is a natural cure and needs experienced and expert hands to get rid of the back pain without aggravating it further. Massage can be performed at specific centres and known as spas, and masseuse are also available who come home to perform the massages. It is always advisable to use herbal oils as a medium for the massage as they prove to be more effective for the treatment of the back.

The best way of massging is by using knuckles to press the back and gradually increase the pressure on the knuckles depending on the tolerance level of the person having the back ache. If this pain is due to diseases like osteoporosis then one should always consult the orthopaedic before indulging in this kind of treatment.

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Homeopathy For Back Pain

Another safe and result oriented therapy for curing back pains is homeopathy. These medicines are available in the form of globulets or tincture and are readily available in the market. They also come in various potencies and are administered according to the intensity of the problem.

The ideal medicine for back ache is Arnica Mont, which takes care of any kind of pain, especially the back. For external injury on the back one can also apply arnica tincture or it is readily available in the form of an ointment. It is however advisable to consult a practitioner before taking the medicines.

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