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How To Treat Back Pain

Ways To Treat Back Pain

[toc]Back pain is felt in the back of the body and can either be in the upper, middle or lower back. Originating from the bones, joints, nerves or muscles of the back, back pain can either be sudden or prolonged and recurrent. Back pain is one of the most common complaints across different age groups today, but is more significant in the age group of 35 to 55 years.

Age, stressful life, improper sitting position, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, obesity and sedentary lifestyles are some of the most important reasons for back pain. While back pain can become chronic and unbearable, it can definitely be treated with the following ways:

Ways To Treat Back Pain In 6 Easy Ways

Oil Massage

Oil Massage Reduce Back Pain

Massaging the back with natural oil is always the best and safe remedy. Oiling and massaging opens up the closed pores in the body and rejuvenates the back. Garlic mixed with coconut oil has pain relieving natural properties which reduces the pain. Fry 8-10 cloves of garlic with 60 ml of coconut oil.

This mixture needs to be fried until the garlic turns dark brown in colour. When the garlic changes color, pour this lukewarm mixture into a bowl and apply this mixture on the affected area with light handed massage. Let the oil be lukewarm when the massage is done. This not only relieves the pain, but also keeps the skin fresh.

Hot Water Bath

Hot Water Bath Reduce Back Pain

Having a hot water bath helps to refresh the body and also reduce back pain. Hot water results in increased blood circulation and helps to release the cramped muscles.

You could have a hot shower for atleast 20 minutes and direct water flow onto the affected areas. Alternately, you could also soak in a hot bath tub for 20 minutes to get immediate relief from the pain.

Apply Ice Pack

Ice Pack Reduce Back Pain

Take a bunch of ice in a cotton cloth wrapper and tie it up. Place the ice pack on the affected area for atleast 20 minutes. This helps in removing the discomfort from the  cramped muscles and nerves. This process should ideally be done atleast twice a day for 20 minutes each.

Take Adequate Rest

Adequate Rest For Back Pain

Taking enough rest is another important remedy forback pain. You should ideally sleep on a hard surface with a stretched spine for as long as possible. This will help to relieve the pain, albeit temporarily. If you have had your mattress for long, consider changing the mattress to a more spine friendly one.

Check Your Posture

Sit With A Straight Back For Back Pain

Majority of back related problems are due to improper postures. When you sit at your work desk, on your computer or at your dinner table, remember to sit with a straight back.

Also check if your chair at work is posture friendly and be conscious not to slouch. Maintaining a good posture is important when you walk as well. A straight spine will correct back pain to a large extent over the long term.

Control Your Weight

Control Your Weight For Back Pain

In many cases, obesity and being overweight have also been cited as reasons for back pain. Therefore you must make active efforts to reduce weight if you are on the higher side. Leading an active life with a proper diet helps one to reduce weight, which will help in correcting back problems.

If your back pain persists even after trying basic remedies, you must immediately consult a doctor or get an x-ray. Advanced stages of back pain would require medical intervention and complex treatments as well.

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