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Top Causes Of Erection Problems


Erection Problems Erection Problems

Millions of men all over the world are prone to or have already undergone the problem of erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. It has been known that this is a problem that most people shy away from discussing. Not being able to perform at a time when it really matters just makes it worse.

There are various reasons for non performance during sexual intercourse. It is true that the range between performance or non performance really varies from person to person, but usually not able to perform at all is considered more of a problem. It may be something permanent or even temporary.

Various Causes Of Erection Problems

Physical Health

Heart Disease Heart Disease

It should be remembered that the health of an individual, which is the physical health really makes a difference when it comes to performing sexually. Basically there are an array of diseases that may hamper performance, ranging from obesity to heart diseases.

Then injuries like pelvic injuries, rise of blood pressure, damage to the nerves and even minor illnesses may sometimes be the cause of this problem. However, it does result in loss of self esteem.


Erectile dysfunction has been known to be an emerging problem because of various kinds of medications also. Sometimes, the medicines like those for depression or even rise of blood pressure tends to hamper performance.

There are various kinds of medications that have an adverse effect on the sexuality of a man. Hence, it is vital to understand what medications you are consuming and ask the doctor about side effects.


Narcotics Narcotics

It has been seen that individuals who indulge in excessive amounts of drugs, narcotics, alcohol and other similar substances tend to under perform, or do not perform at all.

The reason for the same is that these substances cause long term damage to the nerves along with other organs of the body. This in turn leads to poor performance or no performance at all, sexually.

Very Low Testosterone Levels

The levels of this hormone are very crucial in the sexual performance of an individual. It should be remembered that this testosterone is responsible for getting erections and performing well. It may happen because of age or due to any kind of hormonal dysfunction or problems too. Very low levels result because of the same and this leads to impotency at times.

Lifestyle And Psychological Issues

Over the years, the lifestyle of an individual does make a difference in sexual performance. Depression followed by other factors like stress, hectic lifestyles, marital issues, etc. lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run. Though it is not permanent, it does hamper one’s sex life. In this reference, the mental or psychological health of the individual is also very crucial. It has been seen that those suffering from the above mentioned problems tend to suffer from nightfall, premature ejaculation and other related issues. In this reference, one has to indulge in activities that soothe the mind and seek counseling if needed.

These factors usually are some of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. However, most of them are treatable and can be overcome with the right help.