Cervical Cancer

10 Primary Indications Of Cervical Cancer

Indications Of Cervical CancerCervical Cancer is one of the serious health concerns among women. It occurs when the cervix is attacked by the cancer-causing cells. One unknown fact is that cervical cancer is ranked as the 14th type of cancer found in women, prior to 1950s. However, due to the development of the Pap smear test, the risks and death of women due to cervical cancer have reduced by 80%. Also, in-depth identification of its warning signs can save you from the lifetime pain and suffering. When the woman is aware of such primary signs that might increase the severity of cervical cancer she will be having a greater insight into her cancer risks.

Here Is The List Of The Initial Signs Of Cervical Cancer:

1. Extreme Side Pain And Back Pain:

In situations when the condition of cervical cancer is advanced, it leads to a condition known as hydronephrosis. The back pain and side pain could be due to the swollen kidneys which are due to hydronephrosis. The pain could be excruciating sometimes. So, talk to your doctor and get the tests done (1).

Extreme Side Pain And Back Pain

2. Abnormal Discharge:

Discharge is very common. Moreover, healthy discharge is odorless and even colorless. If the discharge is having a bad odor with a thick consistency, different in color, or causing an intense itching, you need to talk to your doctor (2).

Abnormal Discharge

3. Severe Pain In The Pelvis:

It is quite normal to experience the pain in the pelvis during your menstrual cycle or when you are having cramps. However, if this pain persists for a longer time you need to seek your doctor’s help as it could be a dangerous sign of cervical cancer (3).

Severe Pain In The Pelvis

4. Unexplained Weight Loss Or Lack Of Appetite:

Unexplained weight loss or lack of appetite could be due to several factors such as stress. However, if you experience several other symptoms as well, you need to get it checked with your doctor (4).

Unexplained Weight Loss Or Lack Of Appetite

5. Pain In Legs Or Swelling:

Due to cervical cancer, the cervix begins to swell and this swelling pushes against the remote blood vessels. The flow of blood could be obstructed leading to swelling in legs. This is a dangerous sign and you should never neglect it (5).

Pain In Legs Or Swelling

6. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding:

Vaginal bleeding when observed outside of the regular menstrual cycle, usually after an intercourse is the initial warning sign of cervical cancer. This condition could be observed in postmenopausal women as well. If you are having this condition, then you need to rush for a checkup (6).

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

7. Painful Intercourse:

Painful sex and bleeding after an intercourse could be another warning sign. Pain during an intercourse could be an onset sign of cervical cancer (7).

Painful Intercourse

8. Pain While Urinating:

Is your bladder aching? Did you experience other symptoms such as pain during urination? These are other dangerous signs. So, you need to consult your doctor if such conditions exist. It could be a condition which can be handled easily or might be an onset sign of cervical cancer. Better get it checked or else you need to suffer a lifetime pain (8).

Pain While Urinating

9. Uneven Menstrual Cycles:

Like other signs, there are several factors that could lead to uneven menstrual cycles such as thyroid issues, diabetes etc. However, get it examined as it might be a warning sign of cervical cancer (9).

Uneven Menstrual Cycles

10. Bloody Urine:

Urine along with blood could be a warning sign of cervical cancer. There are several factors which could be responsible for this dangerous sign and hence, it needs to be checked immediately (10).

Bloody Urine

Note: Most of these symptoms could be explained easily. However, if you observe multiple symptoms it is really going to be serious and you need to consult your doctor right away.

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