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11 Effective Natural Cures For Brain Tumors

[toc]A tumor is an abnormal growth of cells, forming a mass of tissue that grows even though the body does not need it. It can form in any part of your body, but a tumor in the brain can be a life threatening condition. Even a small tumor, whether it is cancerous or non-cancerous, can cause a lot of harm and affect the normal functioning of the brain. What causes tumors is still a mystery, but research indicates there are a few risk factors that may lead to the development of brain tumors.

Brain Tumors

Some of these are: Children who are exposed to radiation in the head, people with certain genetic conditions, and aged people are more at risk. Often a person with a brain tumor may experience frequent headaches that do not go away with normal medications.

Other symptoms include changes in speech and vision, seizures, nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, numbness in arms or legs, and problems with memory. However, these symptoms could also be due to some other medical conditions. Proper medical tests are necessary to confirm the diagnosis. These natural cures will help you to deal effectively with the symptoms of brain tumor.

11 Natural Cures For Brain Tumors

Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants which help to keep the body cells and tissues healthy. It also helps improve circulation in the body by helping to maintain the health of arteries and nerves. Green tea should be taken daily by a person diagnosed with brain tumor. Its strong cancer-fighting abilities will help inhibit the growth of the tumor.

green tea


Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that has been used since ages to treat a multitude of health ailments. Its extract is believed to have the ability to destroy cancer cells. It also helps to make your immune system stronger, helping it to fight the disease well.

Mistletoe helps to detoxify your liver when having chemotherapy for the treatment of brain tumor. It has no harmful side effects and can be taken safely as a natural cure for brain tumor.



Brain tumors can cause nausea and extreme fatigue in affected individuals. Ginger intake can help to treat nausea and headache in such individuals. It also contains strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which help to boost your immunity.

This helps protect your body from infections that might result due to weakened immunity. So, consume some fresh ginger juice daily if you are suffering from brain tumor.



Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, which gives it special medicinal properties. It helps reduce inflammation and inhibits microbial activity, thus improving your body’s immune system.

People suffering from brain tumour should take it regularly as a natural cure as curcumin acts on cancerous cells and helps destroy them, inhibiting their growth effectively. You can add turmeric to your food, or have a teaspoon of its powder mixed in a glass of warm milk every day. Turmeric capsules are also an alternative option you can try.


Fish Oil

Fish oil contains omega3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for people suffering from brain tumor. These fatty acids help reduce inflammation and boost your immunity, and are very effective as a natural cure for the treatment of brain tumor.

So, include cold water fish such as, tuna, salmon and mackerels in your daily diet. Fish oil is also available in capsule form and you should have these daily in order to treat the brain tumor.

Fish Oil


The leaves of rosemary contain fatty acids of terpenes, substances that inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells, leading to their death and preventing their spread. This herb should be used as a natural cure by people suffering from brain tumor.

Recent research also indicates that when rosemary is given along with chemotherapy treatment, the cancerous cells absorb the chemotherapy better as compared to previous resistance.


Vitamin B17 Rich Foods

Vitamin B17 is bitter in taste, and hence man has eliminated it from the natural diet due to selection of tastier options. It is very beneficial in the treatment of brain tumor as research studies have confirmed its ability to destroy cancerous cells effectively.

You can get vitamin B17 from natural sources such as, apple seeds, apricot seed, flaxseeds, lentils, lima beans, bitter almond, macadamia nuts, alfalfa, etc.


Vegetable And Fruit Juices

A person suffering from brain tumor often becomes weak due to symptoms like nausea and headaches, and is unable to eat well. This can make the body and immune system weak. Consumption of fresh vegetable and fruit juices will help bring back the equilibrium and boost your immunity.

It will also help detoxify your liver which gets affected due to heavy medications and chemotherapy. Cabbage, broccoli and beetroot juices are good for your condition. Also, drink fruit juices like pineapple juice and the juice of any of the berries.

Beet Root Juice

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity helps to improve blood circulation and is a must for people suffering from brain tumor as it contributes to better health of brain cells.

Any form of light exercise is good for you. Walking, swimming and cycling are some of the best activities for people with brain tumors. Avoid lifting weight and doing very heavy exercises.

physical activity

Get Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight helps in the production of vitamin D in our body. Research studies indicate vitamin D acts as a powerful cancer preventive agent. It can help normalise cancerous cells and restore their health.

It will be a good idea to spend at least half an hour in the sun if you have been diagnosed with brain tumor. This natural cure for brain tumor is really cheap and effective. If you are living in an area with less sunlight, you could also opt for vitamin D supplements.


Plenty of Water

The symptoms of brain tumor such as nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, can make your body weak and dehydrated. Also, if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, toxins tend to collect in your system.

Drinking plenty of water will help to flush out these harmful toxins and also keep your body well hydrated, facilitating normal functioning of the body cells and organs. Drink only purified water at room temperature.


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