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9 Easy Home Remedies For Nausea

Home Remedies For Nausea

[toc]Nausea is one of the few conditions which is very difficult to predict and can really put anyone in a soup especially if it happens while traveling. Home remedies for nausea help in controlling the tendency which can lead to vomiting also.

Though there are many medicines available for nausea, these are not without side effects. So, instead of popping in pills for nausea, you should try out home remedies which are inexpensive, help in taking care of the condition and provide relief immediately. So, here are a few things which you can try out to tackle nausea easily.

9 Home Treatment For Nausea

Have Clear Liquids

Soups To Reduce Nausea

When you are suffering from nausea, you shouldn’t over burden your stomach which makes it tough to digest. You should have fluids which are easy to digest and good for your stomach. You can have clear liquids in the form of light soups and diluted noncitrus fruit juices which are nutritious and are easy to digest. This also helps in taking care of any indigestion which could have caused nausea.

Take Rest

Proper Rest To Reduce Nausea

It has been observed that nausea is caused due to fatigue and tiredness. Give adequate rest to your mind and body. If you are deprived of adequate sleep, it could lead to nausea. So sleep for at least 10 hours in a day, especially if you have traveled for long hours or if you have been involved in a number of activities. Sleeping and rest can also take care of nausea and any kind of vomiting.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Stop Alcohol To Reduce Nausea

Drinking too much alcohol can also cause nausea and vomiting. Hangover can be really irritating and cause headache and a tendency to vomit. If you have been regularly suffering from nausea after drinking, even little, it is time to call it quits. Alcohol causes immense damage to our organs and your nausea might just be the first warning bell of a serious condition which might be lying underneath.

Have Light Foods

Light Foods To Reduce Nausea

Stay away from too much oily, fatty and fried foods. Fried and fatty foods can upset your stomach as it upsets the entire digestive process since these take a lot of time to digest.

Keep away from highly seasoned foods, spicy and rich foods, foods which have caffeine and take longer time to digestion. Undigested food often causes gas formation along with discomfort and uneasiness in the stomach and give rise to nausea.

Baking Soda Treatment

Baking Soda To Reduce Nausea

Baking soda works as a wonder treatment and helps to take care of gas related nausea or any stomach infection which gives rise to nausea. In a glass of water add a small teaspoon of baking soda and mix it well. You can have this solution twice in a day if conditions persist. You will get relief in a short time. However, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Try Fresh Lime Drink

Fresh Lime Drink To Reduce Nausea

Lime or lemon works as a wonderful instant remedy to treat nausea. Suppose you are traveling and you start feeling giddy. You do not have medicines and other things to get relief from the condition. In such a condition, a fresh lime will come to your rescue. You just need to squeeze in fresh lime juice in some water and have it. If salt is available, sprinkle a bit on the top and sip. You will certainly feel better.

Use Ginger

Ginger To Reduce Nausea

Ginger works as an excellent remedy for nausea. You can have it raw, include it in your cooking or prepare ginger tea for relief. Ginger helps increasing the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes which help in neutralizing stomach acidity. Any over-activity of the stomach is reduced and you start feeling better. Fresh ginger tea is best for treating nausea instantly. You can have this tea whenever you feel sick.

Try Acupressure

Acupressure To Reduce Nausea

Acupressure is all about putting pressure at specific points to get relief from certain symptoms which cause discomfort. You need to apply the pressure yourself on the specific pressure points which will help in releasing neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters help in blocking other chemicals which can actually be out of balance that results in causing nausea.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Manage Anxiety To Reduce Nausea

If you are tensed, anxious or worried about something it can lead to nausea. There are many people who develop nausea during a meeting or while traveling – mainly caused due to stress and anxiety.  If you are stressed and anxious about something, try to overcome it.

Try meditation and yoga techniques which help in treating anxiety. You can also try breathing exercises which helps to release stress. Hope the above home remedies for nausea help you in successfully overcoming the problem and you feel better and relaxed.

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