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Top 5 Home Remedies For Nausea

Home Remedies For Nausea

[toc]Nausea, the common symptom to show that something has went wrong in the body, happens due to a number of reasons. Nausea is very common when people travel for a long time in a bus or car in a jerky road or, climb up or down a mountain.

When you eat something that your body is allergic to, you may feel nauseating sensation. Indigestion or improper excretion may also be reasons for this condition. Apart from this, pregnant women also go through this, during the first few months of the pregnancy period. If it happens due to very common reasons like this, you can treat it at home itself with simple kitchen products.

5 Home Remedies For Nausea

Lemon For Neutralizing

Lemon Reduce Nausea

The aroma of lemon is good for ceasing nausea. Nausea may be created due to a number of reasons, and the foul or unpleasant smell is one of the reasons. So, in that case you can peel off lemon and smell it.

The fragrance itself will be enough to keep nausea at  bay. Some may be allergic of long travel and the pressure difference on climbing heights may also cause nausea. Lemon can effectively suppress nausea because of these reasons.

Mint Leaves For Refreshment

Mint Leaves Reduce Nausea

The flavor of mint leaves are always refreshing and you can use it to culminate nausea. You can just smell it and feel the refreshment. It is also good for digestion, and it is a good cure for nausea that rises due to indigestion problems. You can add some mint leaves to cooked food and improve the digestive process.

Ginger To Enhance Digestion

Ginger Tea Reduce Nausea

Nausea at times may be caused due to indigestion. It will also be accompanied by stomach pain and an urge to vomit. Ginger comes in aid in such a case. You can have a ginger tea or just make it as a thick juice and have a few spoonfuls of the liquid. This will regularize the digestion and eliminate the waste products from the stomach, thus relieving you from nausea.


Acupressure Reduce Nausea

This is one of most basic and easy way of getting relieved from the symptoms of nausea. All you have to do is, just put some pressure with your thumb in the forearm, just few inches above the wrist. If you do this for a while, you will get some immediate remedy from nausea. But, you have to do this correctly for effective results.

Citrus Fruits To Suppress

Citrus Fruits Reduce Nausea

Nausea can be suppressed with the taste of citrus fruits. The tangy taste in these fruits can put an end to the nauseating feeling. You can also freeze these fruits before using. For instance, you can take a frozen orange and have a bit of the fruit. Also, you can make thick juice with any of the citrus fruits and have a drink.

Before you start looking for a remedy, it is important to identify the cause of nausea. Even suffocation may lead to nausea, so identify the problem and take action accordingly to get complete relief.

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