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How To Cure Anemia

[toc]AnemiaAnemia occurs in a human body due to lack of blood. This is the most common form of disorder in humans. Anemia occurs when the Red Blood Cell count is lower than the White Blood Cell count in the body. This disease is caused by either heavy loss of blood or less production of blood in the body.
There are a lot of different kinds of anemia. The common ones are iron deficiency anemia, Aplastic anemia, pernicious anemia, deficiency of Vitamin B12 etc. in all these types of diseases the anemic body fails to receive the vitamin B12 or fails in the reproduction of the red blood cells in the body. Below are certain home remedies that people suffering from anemia can benefit from. They are:

Various Cures For Anemia

Stop The Bleeding

checkupThe first and foremost thing that you must get done is to stop the bleeding at once. If you are suffering from chronic anemia, then you are also facing the problem of bleeding. You must consult a doctor immediately and get yourself treated properly.

Any other treatment for anemia will be in vain if your bleeding does not stop at once. If the bleeding is internal then you will not be able to detect it sitting at home.

Folic Acid And Iron Is Necessary

Iron FoodIf you are suffering from anemia then you will have to increase the intake of folic acid, iron and vitamin C in your food. Red meat, especially liver is the best source of iron that any person can get.

This is easily absorbed in the body than the iron you get from fruits, vegetables and other plants. Turkey, pork, fish, eggs and chicken are some other sources that are rich in iron if in case you are sensitive to red meat.

Add Raw Vegetables To Your Diet

Nutts And SeedsIf you suffer from anemia then you will have to add a lot of vegetables to your daily meal. Lentils, beans, nuts and peas are all very rich in iron. There are a lot of dry fruits that are also a good source of iron they are apricots, dry figs, peaches, raisins, prunes etc. When you select a bread, cereal or pasta for your daily requirement you must check the label for iron.

Include Vitamin C In Your Diet

Vitamin CWhen suffering from anemia you must include vitamin C in your daily diet. You can easily find vitamin C in fruits like sweet lime, lemon, orange, grape fruit etc. some other fruits that have a rich content of vitamin C are kiwi, mango, strawberry and apricots. There are vegetables that are rich in vitamin C too they are broccoli, leafy greens, potatoes, tomato, bell peppers etc.


EggEggs have a high protein content that almost is equal to the protein amount of the organ meats. Eggs are also rich in iron, minerals and all the B vitamins. Eggs provide great energy and are good breakfast food. Hard boiled eggs retain all the energy source and are easily digested.


KaleKale is generally not included in the food menu at most of the houses. But it is a good source of vitamin A, B and C. Kale contains potassium, iron and calcium too. Therefore this is a good and healthy food product that all the people suffering from anemia must include in their diet.

Dandelion Plant

DandelionsYou can take half a teaspoon of yellow dock root thrice daily. If you have a supplement of the dandelion plant in the form of capsules then take two capsules daily. You can also consume the green leaves of dandelion plant in the salad that you prepare.

Magic Powder

PowderPrepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds, one teaspoon edible gum, 1 teaspoon green cardamom powder, ½ teaspoon nutmeg powder and 2 tablespoon of sugar. You will have to swallow or eat this mixture every day at the interval of two hours.

Cure Your Weakness

JuiceIf you are suffering from anemia you are bound to feel weak. Less blood in your body means you are bound to feel less energetic. If you drink the following concoction you can easily cure your weakness. You can make a mixture of a ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of the juice of ginger, ¼ teaspoon of pepper powder. Mix this concoction well and drink it twice a day to help avoid weakness.

Take Care With Medicines

MedicinesYou must not take all the supplements at one time. Calcium and vitamin E supplements can actually reduce the iron absorption power of the body.

Therefore, take the multivitamin supplement in the morning and iron supplement at night. You must not take any medicine with caffeine, alcohol or soda. This is because the acid content of the liquid will neutralize the vitamins before they even get absorbed by the body.

Beetroot Greens And Juice

BetrootThe leaves of the beetroot are a priceless source of vitamin A and B2. These leaves also contain iron and manganese and help in replenishing the blood in your body. You can eat the leaves of the beetroot as a part of your salad daily.

It is a well known fact that beetroot helps in building blood in the human body. It is the best source for rare minerals, iron and essential vitamins. You must drink a glass of beetroot juice daily if suffering from anemia.

Iron Pot

Iron PotPeople around the world nowadays utilize non-stick cookware for preparing their dishes. But if you suffer from anemia then it is advisable to cook and prepare all your meals in the iron-ware or pots. It is a well known fact that cooking food in the iron pot raises the iron content of the food level.

Stay Away From Caffeine

CaffeineEach of us love drinking coffee, tea and colas. We love to party and sit at the cafe. But if you are anemic then you will have to realize the gravity of the situation. You are fighting to build the blood level in your body. The tea, colas and coffee actually reduce the iron and vitamin absorption level in your body. This will only make the situation worse.

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