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8 Effective Home Remedies For Anemia

Home Remedies For Anemia

[toc]Anemia is the lack of hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin is present in your red blood corpuscles and is responsible for oxygen absorption. Deficiency of hemoglobin means your body has less oxygen carrying capacity and the organs are suffering because of it. Usual symptoms of anemia include dizziness, paleness, fainting, and shortness of breath, excess fatigue and cold extremities.

The major component of hemoglobin is iron. Hence, anemia can also be called iron deficiency of the blood. If the body lacks iron, it won’t be able to carry out the basic functions of supplying adequate oxygen to all the organs and bringing out efficient muscle contraction. Here are some home remedies to cure anemia:

8 Home Remedies For Anemia

Iron Substitutes

Iron Substitutes To Reduce Anemia

You could consume lots of food materials that contain iron or you could go for iron tablets. Although any method of taking supplement is fine, sticking to natural foods is better for your general health as well.

Have Honey Everyday

Honey To Reduce Anemia

Honey has good iron content. You can mix it with lime juice and apple cider vinegar and have it around twice daily. It tastes sweet so it won’t feel like you’re having medicine.

Consume Apples

Apples To Reduce Anemia

Fruits are great for iron intake, especially apples. Around 2 to 3 apples should be consumed daily for adequate iron uptake by the body.

Have A Massage Regularly

Massage To Reduce Anemia

Massaging your body on regular basis ensures good blood flow to all organs. It will enhance your body’s demands and in turn stimulate greater oxygen absorption by your lungs.

Exercise Everyday

Exercises To Reduce Anemia

A simple work out session keeps all your muscles in active state. It will increase the strength and endurance of your body and you won’t feel fatigued that often either. Exercise brings about muscle contraction that keeps your circulation also healthy.

Avoid Consuming caffeine And smoking

Stop Smoking To Reduce Anemia

Avoid excess caffeine consumption because it blocks oxygen receptors of your body. Alcohol also has same effects like caffeine hence drink to a minimum. If you are a smoker, then it is high time that you quit. Smoking reduces the capacity of your lungs and compromises blood flow. The nicotine present in cigarettes happens to stimulate blood vessels to constrict and that reduces the diameter of arteries for a little while. This will cause less blood to reach your organs and fainting spells might get frequent.

Increase Spinach Content In Your Food

Spinach To Reduce Anemia

Dark leafy vegetables have high iron content. Spinach has the maximum about 3.2mg iron per half cup. So it is best to include it in your diet. Other green vegetables like lettuce are mostly water and little iron content so it is important to choose your vegetables carefully as well.

Consume Beets Regularly

Beets To Reduce Anemia

Rich in iron and folic acid. You can add beet to almost anything. You can even eat raw or just boil it. Make sure that you peel it before eating.Anemia can be very tricky to handle if you’re not taking enough precautionary measures.

If you straight away opt for iron pills, you may get increased haemoglobin in a few months’ time but as soon as you stop consuming those pills, your anemia will be back to where it started. It is best to stick to home remedies for curing anemia.

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