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How To Treat Anemia

[toc]AnemiaTreating anemia has to be done under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Although, home remedies are effective, medical intervention is essential because of the intensity of the issue. Dietary supplements are the most recommended treatments in the initial stages. Vitamin B12 and the iron supplements are prescribed based on the medical condition of the patients. Consuming the natural sources of these nutrients is also recommended.

Blood transfusion may be required if the problem is life threatening. You can also try a few home remedies in conjunct with the medications to speed up the treatment. You can know how to treat anemia with the ideas listed here.

Various Treatments For Anemia

Diet Supplements

Vitamin CTaking in foods that are rich in iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and folic acid are mandatory to cure anemia. Vegans can take tofu, green leafy vegetables, lentils, raisins, apricots, cereals that are iron fortified. Meat, shellfish, pork and turkey can help the body to gain required iron.

Vitamin B12 can be obtained from beef, poultry, eggs, dairy, and foods that are fortified with Vitamin B12. Eggs, bananas, beef liver, fruit juices, spinach are a few foods that are rich in folic acid.  These foods are essential in forming hemoglobin and treating anemia.

Blood Transfusion

This procedure is done when anemia has to be treated at an advanced level. The blood is sent through the IV line. Healthy blood is sent to the body by inserting a needle of the IV line in a blood vessel of your body.

The minimum time taken to complete this procedure is 1 hour which may extend to 4 hours based on your requirement and is done under the supervision of the medical practitioners. The procedure may be repeated at regular intervals.

Surgical Options

SurgicalIn the most emergency cases where anemia can be fatal, surgery is performed. During the surgical procedure the spleen is removed. The spleen is responsible for destroying the red blood cells in higher numbers which is life threatening for the patients of anemia.

Removal of the organ has its own adverse effects and is carried out only when it becomes necessary to save the life of the patients. Healthy diet and lifestyle are mandatory to recover after the surgery.


MedicationsThe drugs that stimulate the production of the red blood cells are prescribed by the physicians to treat anemia. The hormone called erythropoietin is responsible for producing red blood cells and the same is injected to the body. This treatment is offered in chronic cases of anemia.

This treatment has many side effects and is offered to patients who suffer from other health issues like HIV, cancer and renal failure. This treatment is also given if blood transfusion is impossible for the patient.

Lifestyle Modifications

Exercises that are mild help in treating anemia as the blood circulation and the oxygen levels are augmented in the body. However, vigorous exercises are harmful. Alcohol intake removes the folic acid in the body which is the first thing that the anemia treatment requires. However, mild intake of alcohol is allowed. Anemia due to malnutrition gets aggravated because of consumption of junk foods and processed foods. Stick to a healthy diet regime.

Smoking leads to depletion of oxygen levels in the bloodstream which deteriorates the condition of anemia. Thus, it highly advised to quit smoking. Any single treatment can never work for all. So, consulting a medical practitioner and leading a healthy lifestyle, sticking to healthy foods and doing moderate exercises are essential to cure anemia.

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