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7 Major Symptoms Of Anemia In Pregnant Women

[toc]Anemia in simple words is the condition where a person experiences low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. This is especially valid in the case of women who are pregnant. It has been seen that anemia is quite prevalent in expecting mothers.

Anemia In Pregnant Women

It also means that along with low red cells, the ability of the cells to carry oxygen also goes down. However, before you can adhere to natural and safe measures of treating anemia in pregnant women you need to know the signs and symptoms that define it. This will help you in early detection of the problem and thus carry on the cure as fast as possible.

7 Symptoms Of Anemia In Pregnant Women

Feelings Of Tiredness

One of the obvious signs of anemia during pregnancy is that of feelings of tiredness. Even after proper sleep and rest, tiredness usually does not subside. It is one way to know that the body is lacking iron and is leading to the onset of anemia or lack of red blood cells. A lot of pregnant women also complain that they are feeling weak and lethargic. These are all associated with anemia in pregnancy.



Another sign of anemia in pregnant women that completely deserves to be in this list is that of dizziness. Frequent dizziness will make you somewhat realize the presence of anemia including some of the other signs mentioned here. This is one symptom that every anemic pregnant woman will experience.


Pale Skin

Pale skin is experienced in some of the body parts when an expecting woman is anemic. These include areas of the body like fingernails, lips, the underside of the eyelids and more. This can also be valid for hands and legs in cases of extreme anemia. Make sure you look for this symptom to detect the problem.

Pale Skin

Changes In The Heart

A rapid heartbeat is the sign of anemia in pregnant women. This is one way which even professionals use to detect the problem in expecting ladies. The speed of the heartbeat triggers constantly which can be easily felt. Try and hunt for this symptom if you are in the phase of anemia detection. Herein, palpitations of the heart are also common in such a condition and with such an ailment. This can again give you the sign of anemia.


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Frequent headaches are faced by women who have low levels of red blood cells in the body. This is usually when the blood is not able to carry the oxygen properly to the head and thus lead to pain and pangs. If the aches are more than constant, make sure you consult your doctor. The anemia might be on an extreme stage.


Lack of Concentration

A sign that reflects the occurrence of anemia in the body is that of lack of concentration. This is yet again one of the confirmed signs of anemia. Usually there is a lot of trouble concentrating on one thing for long.

Lack of Concentration


Mood swings and irritability is one of the signs that a lot of pregnant women complain of when they are anemic in that period. It is one symptom that can easily be associated with the problem of anemia in pregnant women.


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