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5 Best Home Remedies For Baby Hiccups

Home Remedies For Baby Hiccups

[toc]A repetitive, involuntary contraction or an unintentional spasm of the diaphragm that occurs multiple times a minute is referred to as hiccups. Hiccups which normally last for a short duration of time, occurs after an individual eats food or drinks fluid too quickly. Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter, singultus or hiccups is a minor, temporary problem which affects people of all ages, including babies. Improper feeding techniques, or a sudden plunge in body temperature are two common factors which can trigger hiccups in infants.

Hiccuping is a common phenomenon among babies which should not cause undue concern among new parents. However, if your baby hiccups in an unusual manner, or the hiccuping fit lasts for a very long duration of time, then it may be indicative of an underlying and often serious medical condition. Some simple and effective home remedies for baby hiccups are discussed below.

5 Useful Home Remedies For Baby Hiccups

Anise Seed Gripe Water

Anise Seed Gripe Water For Baby Hiccups

To ease hiccups in young babies, give them a teaspoon or two of gripe water. You can get gripe water which is specially formulated for infants in most pharmacies. However, if you do not want to give your baby commercial gripe water, you can even prepare it at home. Anise seed gripe water is an effective home remedy for infants who suffer from regular hiccuping fits.

To prepare anise seed gripe water, boil one cup of water. When the water starts to boil add one teaspoon of anise seed. Turn off the heat source and allow the anise seed water to cool down completely. Strain the anise seeds and store the liquid in a clean, airtight container. Give a few drops of this liquid to your baby the next time he or she starts to hiccup.

Sugar Water

Sugar Water For Baby Hiccups

This is a time honored home remedy to cure baby hiccups. Take approximately four fluid ounces of boiled and cooled water. Now dissolve a quarter teaspoon of sugar in the water. Feed your infant a couple of teaspoons of this solution to cure hiccups. Older babies can suck the sugar water solution from their feeding bottles to ease hiccuping fits.



Honey is another effective and totally safe home remedy to ease baby hiccups. Take three to four fluid ounces of lukewarm water. Dissolve a teaspoon of pure, organic honey in the lukewarm water. Feed your infant one or two teaspoons of this solution to cure hiccups. Older babies should drink this solution from their feeding bottles to cure an annoying bout of hiccups.


Lemon Reduce Baby Hiccups

To reduce the intensity and frequency of hiccups, make your baby suck a thin slice of lemon. Alternately, you can dissolve a few drops of lemon juice in three to four ounces of boiled and cooled water.Feed your baby lemon water only if he or she is hiccuping very badly. Lemon water can help to ease infant hiccups in a very short period of time.

Gentle Patting

Stroke Your Baby’s Back To Stop Baby Hiccups

Babies tend to swallow a lot of air while feeding. The trapped air inside a baby’s stomach can trigger hiccups. To stop hiccups gently stroke your baby’s back. The gentle, rhythmic stroking movement helps to dislodge the trapped air inside the baby’s stomach. When the baby burps and releases the trapped air, he or she will stop hiccuping automatically.