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12 Beneficial Natural Cures For Delayed Periods

[toc]Delayed periods or menstruation happens with most of the females because of their hormonal imbalance in the body, thyroid, ovary cyst or extra stress. This has been a chronic problem for which women can acquire a twinge in the breast; feel exhausted and sickness; become irritated or undergo heaviness in the abdomen. Other side effects can also be acne and loose motion.

Delayed Periods

If they’re having late period once in while it won’t affect them much, but when it occurs regularly every month it may cause disturbance to their normal body functions. They can take doctor’s proper medicines along with home remedies. But women can also take the help of few excellent natural cures that will bring the delays back to track by becoming normal. Thus we’ve presented below 12 natural cures for delayed periods.

12 Natural Cures For Delayed Periods


Delayed periods can be warded off with the help of grapes as they are extremely effectual. You can prepare grape juice in a mixer and drink one or two glasses per day daily which will normalize your menstruation cycle every month. You can ingest green as well as black grapes too.

Avoid overeating grapes which can have negative effects like lose motions. During summer months, you should have only one glass a day.



If you want to adjust your periods sans delay, then parsley is a superb herb you can consider in your diet. Parsley can also stop other menstruation disorders. You can make parsley juice and have one glass regularly. If you do not like the taste of juice, parsley can be taken in the form of capsule so that you can have regular periods.



Your periods can also be regulated with the helpful use of sugarcane. You can arrange for fresh sugarcane juice and drink one glass before one or two weeks of the due date of your periods. In these two weeks your periods will be normal. If you continue this in the same way for next months, you’ll have periods almost on the same date.


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Papaya can be consumed in the raw or unripe form as it has the capability to stabilize your menstruation cycle. You can slice the papaya into small pieces and eat in your salad. Or else you can boil the papaya and make its curry, and have it in your meal every day.


Radish Seeds

Radish is useful remedy for delayed period and will give you positive results if you consume it once a day. You have to take few radish seeds and grind them in mixer along with water. When the radish paste is ready you can add it to the glass of buttermilk and stir it well. Drink the mixture in empty stomach on daily basis.

Radish Seeds

Coriander Leaves

In order to ward off the problem of menstrual delay, you can stick to coriander leaves. You can add few coriander leaves in tea for 5-10 minutes. When it is prepared you can have it 3 times per day daily. You can also make coriander soup in 15-30 minutes time which is healthy and tasty too.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera comprises of rich vitamins such as vitamins A, C, R, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and rich minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, iron etc that help in regularizing the period cycle. It is also high in fatty acids and amino acids. Thus you can have pulp of aloe vera or make its juice and drink one cup on regular basis.


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Roots of Banyan Tree

The roots of banyan tree can help you from the postponement of the menstruation. You can extract few roots of banyan tree and boil with the aid of decoction. You can then add them in a glass of cow’s milk and drink it before you go to bed at night which will stimulate the period cycles inside your body.

Banyan Tree Roots

Fennel Seeds

Fennel contains great amount of nutrients, anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, essential compounds, vitamins and minerals which is a natural remedy for delayed periods. You can use fennel oil as flavoring agent in foods and beverages on daily basis. You can also boil some fennel seeds in a glass of water for 10 minutes, and then have it for 2 to 3 times per day.


Borax and Saffron Mix

Another natural cure for regularizing your menstruation cycle every month can be the mixture of borax and saffron. You can take 3 grams of borax (suhaga) and 2 grams of saffron and mince them in mixer. Then you can add this mixture to water and stir it finely. You can then have it in a copper glass daily.



Being a nutritious fruit, figs greatly help in lessening the delay problem of periods. Pour few fig roots (anjeer) in a bowl of water and boil it to half of its content. Then you can sieve and drink it once or twice a day till your menstruation becomes usual as before.


Bitter Gourd Roots

Bitter gourd can be advantageous in normalizing your period date every month if you are facing delays. You can boil the roots of bitter gourd (karela) in one glass of water and drink it two times per day, though you may not like it. You can also slightly boil the bitter gourd in curry form and have it at lunch and night meals for few days.

Therefore you can apply the above natural cures for delayed periods.

bitter gourd

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