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13 Most Effective Natural Cures For PMS

[toc]PMSPremenstrual syndrome, more commonly referred to as PMS, is a condition many women suffer from every month until they reach menopause. It causes mood swings, bloating, weight gain, irritation, anxiety, lethargy, depression and headaches, disrupting the normal routine of the women who suffer from chronic PMS condition. Some women get a few cramps just before the start of the menstrual cycle, whereas others have severe pain.

Experts say PMS results from nutritional imbalance in women and a wrong kind of diet as well as lifestyle plays a major role in worsening the condition. Medications are prescribed for this condition which may help to ease the pain, but a complete solution is not provided. However, it is better to avoid over the counter prescriptions as they come with their side effects.

Consider natural cures as they take the dietary and lifestyle factors into account, and provide you with effective solutions to this problem that you are facing every month. So, you don’t need to suffer from PMS forever as there are ways to deal with this stressful condition. Let’s learn about some of them which are most effective in treating PMS.

Natural Cures For PMS

Sesame Seeds

Sesame SeedsA deficiency of calcium and magnesium in women is known to cause PMS and worsen the symptoms. Sesame seeds contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium, thus being the best natural cure for PMS related symptoms. You can toast them lightly and sprinkle over your food and salads. Ground sesame seed paste can be used as a delicious dressing for salads and used as a dip, or a spread on sandwiches. Adding this paste to smoothies is a healthy way to treat PMS effectively.


AvocadoAvocados are creamy and delicious fruits. These contain a substance called serotonin that helps to improve your mood and prevents mood swings which are often associated with PMS. Papayas, plums and pineapples are also natural sources of serotonin that you can consume regularly in order to get relief from the symptoms of PMS.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus FruitsPMS causes a lot of stress and anxiety in women. You can easily beat this stress by including citrus fruits in your daily diet. They are rich sources of vitamin C which helps to regulate your menstrual cycle, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevents anemia. So, have citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit daily in order to get relief from the symptoms of PMS.

Cold Water Fish

Women suffering from menstrual cramps due to PMS benefit largely by eating cold water fish regularly. The omega3 fatty acids in cold water fish are found to prevent cramps. So, include fresh cold water fish such as tuna, mackerels and salmons in your daily diet. You can also take fish oil supplements as a natural cure for treating PMS related symptoms.

Coconut Oil

Coconut OilAnother effective natural cure for PMS is the use of coconut oil. It has amazing health benefits and helps in the regulation of hormone production in your body, which in turn can prevent and cure PMS effectively. Coconut oil also reduces inflammation and assists in weight loss which women suffering from PMS benefit from. So, add coconut oil to your salad dressings, or just add a teaspoon to your tea or coffee.

Green vegetables

Green Leafy VegetablesDark leafy vegetables contain a lot of fiber and contain lots of calcium, which is very beneficial for women suffering from PMS. Spinach, asparagus and kale are some of them that you can include in your daily diet. These will help to reduce mood swings and irritability by regulating your estrogen levels. Have them steamed, stir fried, or simply chopped and added to salads. You can also have freshly squeezed juice every morning to get relief from the symptoms of PMS.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint teaIf your stomach cramps are unbearable every month, not allowing you to sleep well, you will find a lot of relief from this natural cure. Peppermint tea helps soothe the pain in your stomach and should be taken two to three times a day to get relief from PMS related pain. Taken at bedtime, this will help you relax and sleep well. Add a little lemon juice to peppermint tea to get its best benefits.

Chaste Tree Berry

One of the most widely used and popular herbs for treating premenstrual syndrome is chaste berry. Studies indicate that women find a lot of relief and experience reduced PMS related symptoms when they take chaste berry for three menstrual cycles. It helps to reduce irritability, headaches, depression and the tenderness in the breasts. Your food cravings due to PMS also reduce on the intake of chaste berry. Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to take chaste berry.

Apply Heat

Apply HeatThe fastest way to get relief from the pain due to menstrual cramps is to apply heat to your abdominal and pelvic area. You can use a hot bag or hot water bottle for this purpose. This will provide you with lot of relief. Apply before going to bed as it will help you relax and allow you to sleep well.

Acupuncture as a Natural Cure for PMS

AcupunctureAcupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that helps to cure PMS effectively as a natural cure. It is based on the principle that the liver gets most affected by wrong types of foods, anger, stress and anxiety. This results in PMS symptoms like abdominal bloating, cramps and breast tenderness. Acupuncture aims at treating these symptoms by targeting specific areas of the body, which get stimulated when massaged, thus curing them effectively.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

PMS is caused due to hormonal imbalances and an inflammation in your body can worsen the symptoms. So, avoid eating foods that can create inflammation in your body. Every individual has a different body and to which extent it gets affected is different in everyone. It is best to avoid foods such as caffeinated drinks, soda, alcoholic beverages, grains, vegetable oils and dairy products till the time your PMS symptoms come under control. Focus on foods like soups, healthy fats, and fresh produce especially a week before your menstrual cycle starts.


WalkingModerate exercise is necessary to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. It can help boost your energy and mood, improving blood circulation and helping relax your muscles. Go for daily walks, jogging, swimming and cycling regularly. This will also help you keep your weight in check.

Stress Reduction

Stress can increase your PMS woes, and is often the reason for this condition itself. Set some quiet time aside for yourself and learn to relax. Meditation and yoga postures are also very beneficial as a natural cure for PMS and you should learn these to deal with your condition. Indulge in some aromatherapy whenever you are stressed. Think positive and engage in pleasurable hobbies by taking some free time out for yourself. Sleeping well is also very important for your body.

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