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9 Best Herbal Remedies For PMS

[toc]PMSMost women seem to suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which is a condition that has no defined causes or a proper cure. PMS is experienced by women one to two weeks before the start of a menstrual cycle and symptoms like mood swings, irritability, sugar cravings, dizziness, headaches, abdominal bloating, swelling due to fluid retention, breast tenderness, depression, etc. affect different women in different ways.

These symptoms seem to disappear at the onset of the menstrual cycle. The severity of the symptoms varies and they can cause lot of distress and discomfort in most women. It is believed that hormonal changes that occur in the body at the time of the start of the menstrual cycle cause PMS. The mood swings are also attributed to a diet deficient in magnesium and vitamin B6.

Stress and metabolic disorders can also cause PMS. Medications can help provide relief from the symptoms but they are only short-term solutions which can produce harmful side-effects. A better way to manage this condition is to use herbal remedies that help to provide relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with PMS, along with providing a permanent solution.  Along with proper diet and exercise, the use of the herbal remedies given here will help you in effective management of this condition.

Herbal Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome


ChasteberryChasteberry contains various flavonoids and steroids, which are compounds that help to regulate the secretion of progesterone and estrogen. This can help treat irregular menstrual cycle, bloating, cramps and breast tenderness associated with PMS.

The blood blow gets regularized due to stabilization of hormones. Research studies have confirmed that women who use chasteberry benefit a lot by its properties and there is a considerable improvement in the symptoms of PMS when they take its extracts regularly. This herbal remedy is safe to use and is very effective in treating PMS.

Evening Primrose Oil

Primrose oilThis essential oil contains a special substance called gamma-linolenic acid which is an omega6 essential fatty acid. These fatty acids are involved in a metabolic process that helps in the regulation of inflammation and pain in your body.

Women suffering from PMS are often seen to be lacking in this fatty acid, and primrose oil helps supplement it. This provides relief from breast pain, mood swings and irritability in affected women. Take its capsules regularly for some months to get relief from PMS and as a natural cure for it.


PeppermintPeppermint has immense soothing properties and is very beneficial as an herbal remedy for PMS. It helps provide relief from the abdominal pain, indigestion and cramps. Peppermint can also be taken to reduce abdominal bloating. So, have peppermint tea two to three times a day to get relief from the symptoms of PMS.

You can rub a few drops of peppermint essential oil on your temples to get relief from headache. It can also be rubbed on the abdomen to reduce the pain due to cramps. Some people are sensitive to peppermint oil, so test it first on a skin patch and then only proceed.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai This is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that has been used since centuries to treat menstrual disorders. It can provide relief from cramps, pain, headache, mood swings and insomnia, which are the commonly observed symptoms of PMS.

Dong quai also helps treat irritability and fatigue in the affected women. Research studies have confirmed that Dong quai makes women feel much better during periods. You can prepare an herbal tea using this herb along with yellow dock, nettles, or black cohosh to improve its effectiveness. Its extracts can be taken as per instructions on the label.


DandelionThe leaves of dandelion plant possess excellent diuretic properties that help women suffering from PMS by eliminating the excess fluid from the body and reducing bloating effectively.

Since the leaves contain potassium, it is better to use this herbal remedy as a diuretic as most artificial diuretics deplete your body of the essential potassium. You can prepare an herbal tea and have it regularly in order to get relief from the symptoms of PMS. It is also available as a tincture and in capsule form.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s WortThis is an excellent herbal remedy to treat depression, anxiety and mood swings that women suffering from PMS experience quite often. It acts as a natural anti-depressant and you don’t have to worry about the side-effects that synthetic drugs are often associated with.

You should have this herb a week or two before the onset of the menstrual cycle to get its best benefits. You can have it as an herbal tea, or take the extracts available in tablet form. The effect of birth control pills might reduce with the use of this herb, so use this herb cautiously.

Lemon Balm

This herb is popularly known and used for its immense calming properties which can help you relax by calming your nervous system. This is very beneficial for women suffering from mood swings, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other nervous system disorders related to PMS.

It will also help calm your digestive system and improve digestion. So, prepare an herbal tea with lemon balm and have twice daily when you are experiencing PMS related symptoms. It will improve your mood and reduce all the discomfort due to PMS.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko BilobaGingko biloba has been used in ancient Chinese medicine primarily for improving memory. Research studies indicate that it also benefits women suffering from PMS when taken regularly for a few months.

It helps to reduce bloating due to accumulation of excess fluids in the body and also provides relief from breast tenderness that can cause extreme discomfort in some women. Prepare an herbal tea and have it twice a day, or you can also take its supplements which are easily available in the health stores.


LiquoriceLiquorice is another very useful herb in the treatment of PMS related symptoms. It works by reducing estrogen levels and increasing the progesterone levels, which helps reduce the severity of symptoms associated with PMS and also cures this condition if taken regularly a week or two before the onset of a menstrual cycle.

PMS causes a lot of stress in women and this can affect the functioning of the adrenal glands. Liquorice can help by nourishing your adrenal glands. You can have an herbal tea prepared with liquorice regularly. However, women with high blood pressure and those suffering from serious water retention problems should avoid its use.

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