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13 Tips To Get Long And Healthy Eye-Lashes

Tips To Get Long And Healthy Eye-Lashes

The eyes are the most expressive part of the body and to make it look even more beautiful is the work of eye lashes. The thicker and longer the eye-lashes, the even more alluring the eyes look. Some are gifted with beautiful eye-lashes that make their eyes look brighter and more expressive. While there are some who wish to have those dreamy eyes by making the eye-lashes grow more enticing. And if you are on the search for remedies for better eye-lashes, then here are some simple tips that will be at your aid in this case.

1. Remove Make-up Before Going To Bed

After a hectic day at work, even if you are drenched off your last bit of energy, make sure to get your make up on the eyes removed before you hit the bed. It does not take much time but if you are careless about your eyes, you will not be rewarded with a beautiful look at all with every passing day. Be very gentle while removing the make up from the eyes otherwise a rough removal of make up from the eyes will make your lashes look scanty.

Remove Make-up Before Going To Bed

2. Brush Your Lashes Daily

Brush your lashes at least twice a day with a brush that comes especially in the market for this purpose. This will help you to get rid of all dirt particles from the eyes. Brushing the eye-lashes daily also ensure a better blood circulation that helps more nutrients to reach the follicles allowing better and thicker growth of long eye-lashes.

Brush Your Lashes Daily

3. Apply Castor Oil

Castor oil is a very good remedy to get long beautiful eye-lashes. This oil helps to lengthen the eye-lashes and also promotes in thicker growth. Take a drop of castor oil and apply it on the eye- lashes. Stay with your eyes closed for some time but see that the oil does not penetrate into your eyes.

Apply Castor Oil

4. Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil too works well for the growth of long eye-lashes. Just the procedure of applying castor oil has been explained above; similarly apply olive oil too before going to bed. Give a month’s time and you will see noticeable improvement in your lashes.

Olive Oil

5. Use Other Natural Oils Too

Any kind of natural oil like coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil or sesame oil can be at your aid when you want beautiful eye-lashes. Apply any of them before going to bed with a cotton swab. Let it stay overnight and wash off with plain water the next morning.

Use Other Natural Oils Too

6. Break Vitamin E Capsules For The Oil

Vitamin E supplements or taking in the nutrient in the form of fruits and vegetables is very much beneficial for the body. For getting long lustrous eye-lashes, break open a few vitamin E capsules and apply its oil in your eye-lashes. Let the oil stay in your lashes for as long as you can keep it without letting it get into your eyes.

Break Vitamin E Capsules For The Oil

7. Take The Help Of A Petroleum Jelly

Apply a bit of petroleum jelly in your lashes and massage it as softly as possible. Keep the eyes closed for some time and wash it off with normal water or clean the petroleum jelly with a wet cotton swab. The moisturizing effect of petroleum jelly helps in the quick growth of long dark lashes making our eyes look even more beautiful than before.

Take The Help Of A Petroleum Jelly

8. Trim Your Lashes After Every Six Months

You need to be very careful while doing this. Take a pair of scissors and trim one-fourth of the length of your lashes after every six months. This helps in stimulating the follicles leading to a dense growth of your eye-lashes.

Trim Your Lashes After Every Six Months

9. Have A Balanced Diet Everyday

Our daily hectic routine sometimes debars us from having a balanced and healthy routine. See that you take in a lot of vegetables and fruits in your meals. Drink milk and stay away from too much of caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Sometimes, having an unhealthy diet also leads to poor health and a rapid loss of hair form the head and the lashes too.

Have A Balanced Diet Everyday

10. Take Help Of Lemon Peels

Lemons are very rich in vitamin C which is great for the skin and hair. Take some lemon peels and soak them in olive and castor oil for a few days. After 2-3 days, apply this on your eye- lashes. This will help you to get long beautiful eye-lashes that will increase the beauty of your look even more than before.

Take Help Of Lemon Peels

11. Apply A Concoction Of Green Tea

Green tea has manifold benefits not only for the health but for maintaining our beauty as well. If you want to get dense and long eye-lashes, prepare a concoction by adding a pinch of green tea in warm water. Apply this when it is still warm but bearable enough in your eye-lashes. You will see the result within weeks.

Apply A Concoction Of Green Tea

12. Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel also works splendidly for the skin and health. It has an abundance of vitamins and a great moisturizing effect that also promotes in the growth of dense eye-lashes. Just cut open the leaf of an aloe vera plant and apply its gel on the eye-lashes. You can also get aloe vera gel readily in the market. Applying that too will be of help for getting enticing eye-lashes.

Aloe Vera Gel

13. Apply Coconut Milk

Being rich in proteins, coconut milk also helps in the healthy growth of eye-lashes for those who have scanty of them. Simply dip a clean cotton ball in coconut milk and then apply it on the eye-lashes. Stay this way for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with normal water. Do this twice a day for getting quick results of a lustrous growth of eye-lashes.

Apply Coconut Milk

Besides the above effective remedies, take care of your eye-lashes by applying the least makeup in your eyes. Replace your eye makeup after every six months even if you are not using it frequently. Never rub your eyes harshly and always have a diet that is rich in the essential nutrients needed for maintaining a good growth of the body.