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5 Best Oils For Breast Massages


Breast massages are an integral part in the life of a woman. Some of them adhere to the technique for increasing the breast size and enhancing its attraction whereas on the other hand some use it for maintaining breast health by using some oils for massaging them to increase blood flow.

A woman has to understand the importance of breasts and needs to do all that is in her control to keep it away from problems. However, once you know the technique of breast massage, you also need to know the best oils that can be used for the purpose. The list below will help you out here.

5 Useful Oils For Breast Massages

1. Olive Oil

One of the superb oils that have loads of benefits for the body, skin and hair is olive oil. The high levels of vitamins and omega fatty acids in the liquid are what help in the achievement of most of the goals including breast health. It is to be used on both the breasts and then rubbed and massaged gently in circular ways. Herein, make sure that you start from the outside and then come towards the areola. This should be done for about 15 minutes. the improvement in blood circulation will flush out toxins as well as improve breast size.

Olive Oil

2. Evening Primrose Oil

An essential oil by nature, this is one liquid that is filled with great benefits if taken both internally as well as externally. It is known for various treatments of women’s problems as well including secretion of sex hormones and menstrual crises. Though, the purity does not recommend you to use it directly on the breasts, it can always be mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil and then used on the breasts for best outcomes. It promotes health and helps in prevention of sagging. Also, it firms the skin and improves breast size.

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3. Almond Oil

Known as one of the top notch oils that are used for the improvement of the size of breasts, almond oil is undoubtedly packed with vitamins and minerals. It improves new cell growth in the region as well if applied on a daily basis. Just 10 weeks of regular use will give you visible outcomes. It can be a little lukewarm while application to ensure better results in hand. This should be done for at least 10 minutes each day in circular motions.

Almond Oil

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4. Clove Oil

Clove oil when mixed with some natural ginger extracts is a good way to reap benefits for the breasts. This is especially valid for women who want to increase the size of their breasts. Apart from that, the anti inflammation properties of ginger and clove will cure any form of swelling and redness in the area or any form of aches and pains in the breasts.

Clove Oil

5. Fenugreek Oil

The seed of fenugreek is a good example of a natural product that is packed with various benefits. These seeds are also used to extract oil which is known as fenugreek seed oil. It should be used regularly on the breasts to ensure perfect outcomes for health.

You can also mix it with ingredients like egg yolk and applied on the breasts just before sleeping. Keep it handy for a breast massage of about 5-10 minutes daily.


Fenugreek Oil

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