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6 Essential Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders

Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders

[toc]Sleeping Disorders is a kind of condition that is found in most of the adults. The reason for such kind of disorders can be several. The most common causes could be stress, tension, sleeping during day time, improper food consumption, acidity or gastric problem, dehydration, taking more number of pills, due to sickness, etc.

To escape from all such situations that cause sleeping disorders, you must take care of your health first. It becomes most important to be careful, while consuming pills for small sickness like cold, cough, etc. Always make it a habit to go for home treatment which is best for your health.

Also, keep yourself free from stress and tension, by involving in different activities and engage your mind in activities, which will make you forget all your worries. Below mentioned are the some of the best home remedies that will make you get rid of sleep disorders.

6 Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders

Apply Butter On Eyes

Butter On Eyes For Sleep Disorders

It has been found that applying butter on eyes helps a lot; you can even try applying moisturizer on your eyes. This method moisturizes eyes, and gives you good relaxation, by removing the stress. Also, there are no side effects of applying butter; in fact, it makes your eyes shine. So, try applying butter or moisturizer on your eyes to get good sleep and kick any kind of sleep disorders.

Eye Massage Works

Eye Massage For Sleep Disorders

It is commonly known that due to more stress to the eyes, one may suffer from sleep disorder, and eye massage is really a great home remedy which has been followed since ancient time. To massage your eyes, you can use coconut oil; or you can use rose water; even applying cucumber juice helps!

You should know that, there are lots of difference between rubbing and massaging. Do not rub your eyes, as it may make your eyes red. Instead, massage your eyes for good relaxation and for good sleep.

Eat Sweets Or Drink Banana Milk

Banana Milk For Sleep Disorders

Researchers have found that eating sweets really helps in giving good sleep, because of the alcoholic content present in the sweet items. There is no particular sweet as such; you can consume any sweet you wish to have! All sweets inherit the same property from each other; it gives the same effect of consuming a particular sweet.

You can even try banana milk while sleeping; just cut slices of 1 big banana, add sugar, cardamom powder, cashew nuts, badam, dried grapes, and milk. Adding all these ingredients, stir well and drink this mixture, before going for sleep. This will not only bring you good sleep, but also, helps in digesting the food consumed during night time. Even, banana can help in destroying cholesterol too; thus, you can maintain a lean body frame consuming banana.

Walk Short Distance Or Do Skipping

Skipping For Sleep Disorders

Ancient people have experimented that, walking a short distance – at least, in your house compound. This will give good energy to your muscles and strains your body, which in turn helps to get good sleep.

You can also try to do skipping for some time; may be for half an hour. But, make sure you do not sleep immediately after walking or skipping. Instead, sleep after an hour of performing these activities. This will help you gain a very good sleep.

Avoid Sleeping During Day Time

Do Not Sleep During Day Time For Sleep Disorders

It is a most commonly known aspect that, if sleeping is done in the morning, one cannot get good sleep during night time. Thus, make it a habit to sleep at proper time and wake up at right time in the morning. This will not only keeps you active, but also makes your day-today tasks to be done quickly and easily without straining.

Even, using proper bed and pillow helps a lot; there are people who sleep on very soft bed, and pillows which is absolutely a bad idea. Sleeping on very soft bed, surely leads to body pain; hence, to keep your body fit, sleep on a medium level bed – neither too hard, nor too soft. This gives you good sleep as well as relaxes your body.

Wash Face And Eyes With Warm Water

Wash Face And Eyes For Sleep Disorders

Many people have tried washing their face and eyes with warm water and had experience of good sleep. The reason is that, washing face and eyes properly with a mild soap or a good face wash that allows proper blood circulation for your face, which obviously gives good sleep. Therefore, try this method once and get good sleep by forgetting all sleep disorders.

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