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5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Gas

Herbal Remedies For Gas

[toc]Intestinal gas and consequent bloating is one of the most widespread health concerns throughout the world. Some people suffer from gas on a regular basis while some suffer when they indulge in spicy or fatty food. Whatever may be the trigger gas is an embarrassing element. If it stays inside it will cause pain and discomfort. If it comes out it may cause flatus or belching. 

However, given our food habits and lifestyle we are likely to suffer from gas even more than before. It is alright that there are antacids and antiflatulant medicines, but it is not advisable to take these medicines on a long term basis. Instead of these, going for herbal remedies is recommended. There are a lot of herbs that help you to relieve gas. Let us discuss a few of these.

5 Herbal Remedies For Gas


Herbal Remedies For Gas

This household herb has excellent digestive property. The reason behind formation of gas is mostly indigestion or poor digestion. So when you take a digestive aid after taking your food the food is likely to be digested better. Better digestion means reduced chances of formation of gas.

It also helps the good bacteria in your gut to multiply and kills some of the bacteria that act on undigested food to produce gas. So take a cup of ginger tea after a heavy meal and remain free from the discomfort of gas.


Cinnamon Reduce Gas

Cinnamon has a stimulating effect on the metabolic activity of your body. This aids in digestion. It also enhances the flow of energy in the abdomen. It is also germicidal in nature and acts on the bacteria that are responsible for acting on undigested food particles and producing gas. It also has the ability to relieve cramps. So take cinnamon tea when you are suffering from gas.


Fennel seeds Reduce Gas

Fennel seeds are known to be natural carminative elements. This means that it helps in expelling gas. It helps the muscles in your digestive tract to relax and that leads to expulsion of gas. It also prevents muscles spasms that may result from gas. Muscle spasms can result in abdominal pain. When chewed these seeds calm the digestive system. So chew on some fennel seeds when suffering from gas.


Peppermint Reduce Gas

This sweet herb contains menthol which has an assortment of medicinal properties. Menthol is analgesic and muscle relaxant in nature. It also acts against nausea. It has been experimentally found that peppermint helps in calming the abdominal muscles. This relieves the discomfort from abdominal pain as well as helps in relieving gas. You can have peppermint tea. Simmer one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in one cup of water. Let it cool and then strain the solution.

Anise Seed

Anise Seeds Reduce Gas

It contains a chemical known as anethol. It has been experimentally found that this chemical has both carminative and diuretic properties. It is also helpful in killing bacteria like E. coli which may act upon undigested food particles, ferment those and produce gas. Again, it is a muscle relaxant. So this herb is an all rounder when it comes to fighting gas.

On one hand it will help in digestion, and on the other hand it will make you thirsty by expelling more water. You will drink more water which will expel some of the undigested food particles through stool and relieve gas. It will also stop stomach cramps owing to its muscle relaxant properties.

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