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5 Natural Cures For Gonorrhea

Natural Cures For Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which is harmful and affects the reproductive organs of the body for both men and women. It can occur in cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes in the care of women and the urinary canal in both the genders. The symptoms of this disease can be found with effects on throat, eyes, anus and mouth within two to five days of the infection.

In some cases it may also take thirty days to show effects. The cause of this infection is the same as in the case of any other sexually transmitted disease, namely having unprotected sex with your partner or with more than one partner. Therefore, one should use proper measures while having sexual intercourse. Here are some natural cures for gonorrhea:

5 Various Natural Cures For Gonorrhea

1. Balanced Diet

An irregular or spicy diet often aggravates the disease. Your diet should consist of fruits and fruit juices. Eat fruits compulsorily as part of every meal and drink as much fluids as possible. Also include vegetables and pulses as a part of the diet. An effective cure is to drink the starchy water that is left behind when rice is boiled.


2. Garlic

Garlic is a popular home remedy to cure most of the infections that are caused by bacteria. Garlic has strong anti-bacterial properties that are an effective cure for both internal and external infections. The best way to cure this disease is eating lot of garlic and making it an important part of all your meals. Alternatively, one can prepare its paste and apply the same as an ointment on the vagina.


3. Guyabano Fruit

Grown in the natives of Mexico, Cuba, Central America and Caribbean islands, this fruit is full of medicinal qualities. It is also popularly known as Soursop. Rich in Vitamin C, B1 and B2, this fruit turns out to be the best known natural remedy for curing this infection.

The fruit has all essential ingredients that are required in killing the bacteria of this disease. Just extract the juice and consume the same twice a day.

Guyabano Fruit

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4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is wonderful oil that is used in curing many of diseases, especially those related to infections. It can be related to skin infection, other external infection or any of the internal infection.

However, tea tree oil cannot be taken orally. Therefore, to cure the disease mix three to five drops of the oil with coconut oil. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the oil and place the cotton ball on the entrance of vagina. The effect of tea tree oil will help in curing this disease.

Tea Tree Oil

5. Maintain Hygiene

This disease cannot be cured overnight, but it usually spreads faster if there are unhygienic conditions. Therefore, the infected person should ensure few hygiene factors. First of all, any further sexual intercourse should be stopped and be avoided strictly.

Secondly, all the clothes and towels should be kept separately. These should be washed separately as the bacteria is very contagious in nature. Always use disinfectant while taking bath and also while washing clothes to enable security.

Maintain Hygiene