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5 Natural Cures For Impotence

[toc]Erectile dysfunction is another term for impotence which means that a person is unable to maintain erection in spite of sexual stimulation and loses it before ejaculating. This automatically makes him incompetent to contribute to child bearing. It is a disorder faced by men of any age; however it naturally occurs after the age of 65 years in many people.


Generally in younger people this disorder could be a result of neurological disorder, diabetes, vascular disease, hormonal imbalance and certain other diseases as well. It could also be due to lack of stamina or inability to reach an orgasm. This disorder is treatable with certain drugs which could have long term side effects or with psychotherapy which is not successful always, hence one can resort to natural cures which don’t have either of the above mentioned issues and is readily available. Some of these natural cures are discussed below:

5 Top Natural Cures For Impotence

Drumstick Flowers

One of the best tried and tested natural cures for impotence is the use of Drumstick flowers. This preparation is based on the principles of Ayurveda. It is highly effective, non-invasive, absolutely natural and easily prepared at home.

Drumsticks can be used in several ways like you can cut it into pieces boil it with water to prepare a soup and have it regularly in the evenings for a month. Drumstick flowers can also be used by boiling a bunch of these flowers with a glass of milk till the milk becomes half a glass and this concoction can be consumed daily like a beverage for a month at least to show best results.


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Eggs With Carrot And Honey

People consuming eggs will rarely suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction as it is a very good source of nourishment and is used to strengthen the penile muscles. It is known to combine with certain fruits and vegetables like carrots to give highly beneficial results.

Ideally half a bowl of chopped carrots with one parboiled egg mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey when consumed daily for a month gives wonderful results in maintaining erection for a longer period of time. It is also beneficial in stimulating the sexual organs and preparing them for healthy and satisfying intercourse.

It helps in building energy and getting rid of the hormonal imbalance that is one of the main reasons for getting impotence, especially in men. It is absolutely harmless and full of natural products so it can be experimented with.



Ayurveda also prescribes some of the most noted herbs for curing impotence that is caused due to the misuse of Ayurveda medicines. They not only help in healing erectile dysfunction, they tend to strengthen the muscles and provide energy to a person suffering from this disorder.

Some of these are ginko and ashwagandha and are available in powdered or supplement form. A Chinese herb that specializes in treating these kinds of disorder is Ginseng and is readily available at local stores as well. It works as tonic thus enhances the stamina and also helps in retaining the erection for a longer period.



This natural cure is known to be safest and highly beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction with nil side effects and is also recommended by doctors who usually prescribe potent drugs with multiple side effects. Sex therapists also specialize in this field as the results are very good without creating any complication.

Hypnosis is a therapy where the hypnotist or a psychiatrist puts the patient to deep sleep so as to work on the subconscious mind and awaken the potential of the person. This does not involve any medication and is perfectly safe for those people who are in depression because of this disorder. One can even record this process in an audio visual medium and practice it at their convenient venues. One should however get these sessions done with an experienced practitioner.



This practice originates from china as well and is known to have positive effects in treating impotence. It involves application of pressure on various points of the body that are related to the sexual organs like the penis etc. This pressure has to be applied with the help of pins and needles and can be a little painful and strenuous but people prefer it due to its efficacy.

A survey has revealed that it has definitely improved erection and has aided in the restoration of sexual activity. It is known to stimulate the muscles and nerves of the sexual organs and invigorate them to function smoothly. This does not have long term results as it gives relief temporarily. Care should be taken to take this therapy by an experienced practitioner.


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