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5 Simple Natural Cures For Cirrhosis

Natural Cures For Cirrhosis

[toc]Liver is a vital organ present in the upper right abdomen. It carries out functions of purifying the blood, detoxifying of your system and plays a key role in digestion. It could be damaged as a result certain infections like Hepatitis B, health conditions which include autoimmune disorders or due to chronic alcoholism. The liver tries to repair the damaged areas but in the process scar tissue is formed. Due to this formation of scar tissue, the functional capacity of the liver is impaired.

The main symptoms of liver failure is jaundice and that occurs due to the accumulation of bilirubin which is an enzyme secreted by the liver in the body tissues. Other symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting, and loss in appetite, fluid retention in the ankles or feet and sometimes an itchy feeling around the body. Cirrhosis can be reversed if it is at its initial stages but natural cures may also help you improve your condition when you at high stage liver failure. Here are some natural cures to help you out:

5 Natural Cures For Cirrhosis

Avoid Oily Foods

Stop Oily Foods For Cirrhosis

Liver plays a key role in food digestion. Make sure you don’t eat foods that will be hard to digest namely foods with excess oil. Fatty foods, spicy foods and junk foods also have high salt content and make it hard for the liver to digest. If the liver is already compromised, it is better if you take precautions regarding what you’re feeding it. Make sure you don’t overload your liver.

Low Sodium Diet

Low Sodium Diet For Cirrhosis

If you are suffering from swelling or fluid retention, a high sodium diet will worsen your cirrhosis condition. Avoid any kind of salt or junk foods in your diet. Avoid smoked meat which has high sodium to improve your condition. If you are out grocery shopping, make sure you check the nutritional value of all the products that you are buying so that you keep a check of your sodium levels at all times.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables For Cirrhosis

People who are hell bent on consuming meat, miss out the nutritional benefits of other foods when they suffer from cirrhosis. You can consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and that will help you combat the malnutrition as well. It will keep your energy levels up and keep the fatigue down. Fresh fruit juices will be easy to digest and are very nutritive in nature.

Maintain Your Weight

Maintain Weight For Cirrhosis

The risk of a worse condition of cirrhosis is bad in patients who are overweight or obese. Maintain your weight by focusing on your diet and practice some light form of exercise everyday so that you stay fit but not exert yourself as well. You can go for walks everyday or practice mild yoga, which will help in strengthening the muscles and tone your body too.

Avoid Infections

Wash Hands For Cirrhosis

Make sure you keep good levels of hygiene around you because cirrhosis makes it difficult for you to fight infections. Wash your hands regularly and keep away from people who are sick. Even a simple common cold could prove to be very complicating in your condition so take care of yourself.

5 Simple Natural Cures For Cirrhosis

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