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How To Treat Anxiety Disorder

Ways To Treat Anxiety DisorderWays To Treat Anxiety Disorder

[toc]There are many reasons for anxiety in today’s world like health, money, family, work, love etc. Any of these factors that cause anxiety will result in rapid heartbeats, shallow and fast breathing. Your mental pictures are negative and you seriously wish to be able to relax. You may be suffering from a chronic anxiety disorder, or just freaking out on a temporary basis like in the case when you face a sudden loss in business or love.

Whatever, be the case, it is better to avoid allopathic medicine when you are trying to find out how to treat anxiety disorder. There are many natural ways of dealing with this problem that are quite effective which include mind body techniques, herbs and supplements. Some work instantly while some relieve the problem over a period of time. Hence you can choose these remedies according to your requirement.

Tips To Treat Anxiety Disorder


Chamomile For Anxiety Disorder

This herb is known to have an effect like the drug valium as some compounds in it bind with the same brain receptors as the drug. However, the side effects caused by this herb are negligible compared to the drug. Hence taking this herb in the form of a tea will immediately calm the nerves and relive the symptoms of an anxiety attack. Dried chamomile flowers are also available in the form of a supplement in health food and herbal stores.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Anxiety Disorder

It is well known that Japanese Buddhist monks are able to meditate for hours in a state that is both relaxed and alert. This could be contributed to the fact that they consume quite a bit of green tea which contains the compound L-Theanine. This compound reduces the heart rate, and blood pressure and some studies have also proved that it alleviates the symptoms of anxiety. However, you will have to drink as much as five cups of green tea for the beneficial results. Hence if you are trying to find out how to treat anxiety disorder, it will be a good idea to look into green tea.


Hops For Anxiety Disorder

This is also an ingredient in beer, but it is better consumed in the form of extracts or tincture. The volatile oil in this herb that acts as a sedative is used in hops pillows. Hops are often used along with Valerian to treat insomnia. However this herb should be avoided if you are on any sedative drugs.


Meditation For Anxiety Disorder

This method sounds very simplistic, but people suffering from many psychological disorders have benefitted a lot by meditation. Yoga and meditation are known to actually bring about physiological changes in the body and heal many disorders especially the ones related to the mind. Hence if you are trying to research how to treat anxiety disorder, you should also take a look into meditation techniques and decide which one will be best for you.


Valerian For Anxiety Disorder

This herb is used extensively in the Western herbal system of medicine in the treatment of various sleep disorders like insomnia. The smell of this herb is quite nasty hence it is better to take it as a capsule or tincture rather than as a tea. However, since this herb has definite sedative qualities do not take it when you have to work.

How To Treat Anxiety Disorder

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