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5 Syphilis Causes That You Must Know

Syphilis Syphilis

[toc]Syphilis is a disease that is sexually transmitted and it can lead to major complications and problems of the health in its later stages if it is left untreated in the initial stages. Syphilis infection is found in two broad categories: active syphilis and inactive syphilis.

Active syphilis is a condition where the symptoms are noticeable while inactive syphilis is a condition where the symptoms are not noticeable. It is not only sexual intercourse that can lead to the contraction of syphilis but this disease can also be contracted with direct contact or close enough contact with the rectum, the genitals and the mouth of the infected person. The major syphilis causes are as follows:

Syphilis Causes


A bacterium known as treponema pallidum is considered to be the major cause behind syphilis. This bacterium enters the body of an individual through the mucus membranes and then spreads throughout the body. It has to be kept in mind that syphilis is a highly contagious disease and it can easily get transmitted when the body begins to get sores and rashes.


Transmission is also considered to be one of the common syphilis causes. There are many people who contract this disease by coming into direct contact of the infected people. This transmission takes place during sexual activity that is either, oral, vaginal or anal.

When the open sore or the chancre comes into direct contact of a person the bacteria that cause syphilis get transmitted on to the person. The open sores are usually found on the anus, the rectum or the genital areas of the human body. The lips and the mouth can also serve as suitable places for open sores.

Injected Needles

Needles Needles

Needles already used once on a person suffering from syphilis can also cause this disease. Needles used as injection on a person carrying syphilis can easily spread the bacteria of this disease to another person if the same needle is used on that particular person.

It is very important for medical authorities to remain very careful while using and disposing needles. Needles once used should be disposed in the proper manner so that there are no complications caused.

Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion can also result in the spread of syphilis but it is a very uncommon cause because most of the blood banks throughout the world deal in the storage of blood that is checked and tested for sexually transmitted diseases. There are various modern methods of storing blood that are adopted making it quite impossible for the syphilis bacterium to survive for more than forty eight hours.

Through The Placenta

The infants and babies can also get contaminated if pregnant women tend to suffer from syphilis. This contamination is carried out in pregnant women through the placenta.

This type of contamination is known as congenital syphilis. However it has to be kept in mind that use of personal things cannot be taken as major syphilis causes and therefore tubs, washrooms, clothes, accessories and cosmetics of a person suffering from syphilis can always be used.

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