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5 Tips On How To Increase Estrogen Levels

[toc]Estrogen is considered as a hormone that is very important for the sexual health of women. The process of production of estrogen slows down during menopause or middle age and this deterioration in the production of estrogen results in some great changes appearing in the body and the behavior of women.

Estrogen Levels

There are various symptoms of low estrogen such as depression, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss and headaches that can be treated very well by adopting some of the tips on how to increase estrogen levels. One of the greatest problems of low estrogen levels in women is vaginal dryness which needs to be treated in priority so that it may not lead to severe conditions of health.

5 Best Tips To Increase Estrogen Levels

Consumption Of Low-Carb Diet

Estrogen levels of the body can be increased by the intake of mineral rich diet. Sources of zinc and protein can also be included in the diet in order to get the best results in estrogen increase. An individual should take in a lot of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, cherries, cucumber, garlic, parsley, pumpkin, dates, tomatoes and pomegranates.

Grains like oats, wheat, hops, brown rice and barley should also be included in the diet because they are very low in carbohydrates and work in securing the entire health of the body.


Herbal Supplements

Herbs should also be used as supplements that can help in eradicating the conditions of low estrogen within the body. Herbs like dong quai, cohosh and licorice root can be used because they contain phytoestrogen which is very helpful in providing the body with estrogen effects and at the same time heal the symptoms of low estrogen in the body.

Dong Quai

Drink Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea is also an effective tip that can be used by women who wonder how to increase estrogen levels. This tea should be taken two cups on a regular basis to raise the estrogen levels. Apart from the spearmint tea, supplemental sources such as fennel, sage, unicorn root, raspberry and sarsaparilla can also be taken for the best results in raised estrogen levels.

Spearmint tea

Balancing The Endocrine System

It is also very important for women to keep their endocrine system balanced by trying out several techniques in yoga and various other exercises that are considered to be very beneficial in raising the estrogen levels in a woman. Regular exercise is very important for raised estrogen levels but excessive exercise is considered to lower down the levels of estrogen within the body.


Use Flax Seeds

Flax is considered as a replacement for estrogen. Flax seeds can be grinded and then taken with protein shakes and smoothies because they help in increasing the levels of estrogen in a very effective manner. Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and phytoestrogen that are very helpful as supplements that can bring about an increase in the estrogen levels within a woman and therefore they are considered to be an important tip that can be used by women who wonder how to increase estrogen levels.

flax seeds