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5 Vitamins Or Supplements For Dry Skin

Vitamins For Dry Skin

[toc]Dry skin is often caused by vitamin deficiencies but vitamin deficiencies may not always necessarily be the cause behind severe dry skin; they could be symptoms of underlying medical conditions. Yet knowing which vitamins are necessary for keeping the skin healthy is important, especially when you are experiencing chronic dry skin.

Untreated dry skin can result in cracks in the surface of the skin and open an entry way for bacteria and viruses, causing various skin diseases. If you are experiencing dry skin problems, include the vitamins that are essential for promoting healthy skin in your diet.

5 Vitamins For Healing Dry Skin

Ideally, consuming vitamin rich foods is the best way to achieve healthy skin, but use of oral and topical supplements containing similar vitamins along with a well-balanced diet may also help to deal with dry skin problems. For healthy moisturized skin, several vitamins are necessary. Here are some essential vitamins necessary to treat dry skin problem.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Dry Skin

To prevent dry skin you must include vitamin A rich foods in your diet like spinach, lettuce, carrots, turnip, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, green pepper, peas, mango, apricot, oranges, liver, egg yolk and milk. Deficiency of vitamin A can not only cause dry skin but can make your hair and eyes dull and dry and fingernails brittle. Your daily dose of vitamin A should be based on factors like age, pregnancy and condition of your skin.

While vitamin in the form of beta carotene is absorbed by the skin very well, excess amount of retinol can cause nausea, headache, dry skin and other symptoms. So consulting a dermatologist or physician to determine the exact dose you need is necessary.  Many topical creams contain retinol, topical application of which can bring relief from dry skin and psoriasis by repairing and maintaining the skin tissues.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Dry Skin

Vitamin E is highly important when you are suffering from dry skin problem. Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, can help to reverse skin damage by protecting the skin from free radicals and nourishing the skin from inside out.

It prevents fine lines and wrinkles and also helps to improve the texture of the skin. Nuts, vegetables, wheat germ, oats, asparagus, sunflower oil and corn are best dietary sources of vitamin E. Topical application of vitamin E rich moisturizer can be an added benefit for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dry flaky skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Dry Skin

As we age, our tendency towards dry skin increases because of the lack of collagen production. Including adequate vitamin C rich food in your diet can help increase collagen production, which is essential for strengthening our blood vessels, developing new tissue and maintaining proper circulation in the skin to keep skin’s moisture level intact. Dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles and premature aging.

Even young people can have dry skin when they get inadequate supply of vitamin C. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, papaya, citrus fruits, strawberries, cranberries, kiwi and spinach are good sources of vitamin C.  Vitamin C can also be applied directly on the skin in the form of packs, lotions and creams to tackle dry skin problems.

B Vitamins

Vitamin B For Dry Skin

B vitamins are important for treating dry skin because they prevent skin from drying by hydrating the skin cells. While many B vitamins can be obtained from different foods, taking B complex supplements and topical agents can ensure that you are getting enough of each vitamin from this group.

More Vitamins For Dry Skin

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Dry Skin

Some other vitamins like potassium, sodium, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D are also essential for preventing dry skin. Balance of all these vitamins and nutrients should be designed to meet your individual needs and ensure smooth and luxurious skin as well as overall health.

5 Vitamins For Dry Skin

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