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6 Dry Skin Treatments

Dry Skin Treatments

[toc]Dry skin is one of the most common problems for every sort of individuals now-a-days. It not only affects the infants, but also the old ones irrespective of their age groups. The skin becomes dry and rough patches appear on the surfaces due to variation of the seasons and vitamins in the body. The dry skin becomes more irritable, when the affected person does not take care properly, and on the latter stage, the itching produces roughness on the surface of the skin. Although, there are lots of promising medications available nowadays, still natural cures work in a very effective manner.

These methods have been used from the ancient times, and the herbs used in this therapy are quite essential as they are also described in Ayurveda. Dry skin treatments can be easily done naturally, and some of the processes are given below.

6 Treatments For Dry Skin

Oil Therapy

Oil Therapy For Dry Skin

This is a very common method as one only need to apply some of the essential oil e.g. olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil on the hands, legs and the other parts of the body smoothly before taking a shower. The result becomes quite effective if the oil gets heated before applying to the body. On a precautionary basis, one should apply some moisturizers or sunscreen after the shower to harness the effects of sun and winter.


Curd For Dry Skin

Curd is used as a super skin hydrant for the rash skin. Its antibacterial property as well as anti-inflammatory property helps in soothing the dry and itchy skin. It gives better results when a few drops of honey and lime juice are added to it. This should be applied to the skins before taking the nap.


Honey For Dry Skin

It is one of the best soothing agents for the skin and helps in locking the moisture. The results become effective, when the honey is heated lightly and apply to the exposed parts of skins like face and limbs. This should be left at least 15 minutes on the affected areas of the skin, to get immense benefits.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Dry Skin

It is one of the most popular plants for treating any types of skin related disease. The gel is squeezed from the green plants and applied to the skins for at least 20 minutes. This not only moisturizes the skin, but also acts a protective layer for the epidermal pores.

Milk Cream

Milk Cream For Dry Skin

Milk cream acts as moisturizers for the skin. For the better results, one should mix few lime drops with the milk cream and should apply to the exposed areas of the skin 30 minutes before taking the bath. Milk cream can be used on a regular basis to give you smooth skin.

Raw Milk

Raw Milk For Dry Skin

Milk acts as a hydrant for the dry skin, if used in a particular way. After waking up from the bed, in the morning, one should boil 4 teaspoons of raw milk and add a few drops of rose water and lime juice to it. The mixture can now be rubbed throughout the body and then after some time, it should be washed with only cold water to get ample benefits.

Dry skin is a very common problem, but it should be treated with a proper care, in order to get good results within a small time. A proper use of the above-mentioned home remedies can cast out the dry skin problem completely in a short span of time.

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