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5 Best Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

[toc]Dry skin is the result of neglect and an inadequate skin care routine. Instead of investing in expensive beauty care products, you can use amazing herbal remedies which help you to heal dry skin in an instant. Some of the herbs which are good for dry skin include Witch Hazel, Calendula and Chamomile. These are very good for handling the problem of dry skin.

Abrasions and dry skin patches can easily be healed using these herbal remedies. Dry skin is also the result of aging, pollution and genetic factors. It is possible to heal dry skin and get clear and smooth skin through the use of herbal remedies. In this article, we will explore the best herbal remedies for dry skin which will help you to be able to get a smooth complexion in no time at all.

5 Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Dry Skin

Aloe Vera is a good herbal remedy for dry skin. It is available in the form of a gel at most health stores. It can also be extracted from the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and heals the dry patches. It lubricates the skin and helps to protect the skin against weathering.

You can apply Aloe Vera to get smoother, clearer skin. Aloe Vera is a succulent herb and it has many healing properties. Since the first century AD, this herb has been used as a medicine because of its curative properties. Aloe Vera is used in skin tonics, ointments and face creams because it has the ability to moisturize the skin.


Chamomile For Dry Skin

Chamomile tea can be applied as a toner for your dry skin.  You can also mix Chamomile oil with jojoba oil and apply this on areas where your skin is dry. This will heal the dry skin and help to erase the patches which may be forming due to sunburn or weathering.

Mix Chamomile tea with oats and honey and massage this paste onto your skin. Wash yourself with warm water after this. You will find that your skin has become smooth and supple. Thus, there are many ways in which Chamomile to manage dry skin.


Calendula For Dry Skin

Calendula also known by its botanical name Calendula Officinalis is an excellent herbal remedy for removing dryness from the skin.  It helps aging or acne prone dry skin and it is a good lubricant for the skin.

Place Calendula in almond or olive oil and shake the mixture well. Massage this onto your skin daily in order to ensure that you get a smooth and good complexion. Calendula oil is used because of the medicinal properties that it possesses. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and it is also very effective for healing cuts and wounds.


Rosemary For Dry Skin

Another great herbal remedy for dry skin is rosemary. You can add 1 tablespoon of Rosemary to a glass of lukewarm water. Mix this well and apply it on your skin. Leave this on the skin for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. This is an excellent remedy as it heals and repairs the skin.

Rosemary also improves the elasticity of the skin and smoothes out the dry patches. It is a very common kitchen herb used for seasoning several dishes. What is equally interesting is that it is also a chief ingredient of many face packs and beauty products for alleviating dry skin. It is a very effective and efficient deterrent for flaky and dry skin.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel For Dry Skin

Witch Hazel is a wonderful herbal remedy for dry skin. You can use Witch Hazel compress to help your skin become more smooth and soft. Witch hazel can also be mixed with lemon balm and applied on the skin for relief from dryness. It helps to give your skin a toned look. It is excellent for giving your skin a smooth and soft look. It is an excellent remedy for dry skin.

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