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6 Important Herbal Remedies For Fertility

[toc]Fertility in simple terms can be described as the ability of both male and females to reproduce an offspring. The fertility of an individual is dependent on many factors like proper working of reproductive system, nutrition, timing, sexual behavior, lifestyle etc. Women are often fertile during the fourteenth to sixteenth day of their menstrual cycle, whereas Men are often fertile throughout their life. An individual is known to be most fertile during his/her twenties and this fertility decrease with gradual increase in age.


However, In today’s modern world, Fertility of both men and women are often threatened due to harmful habits and lifestyle like smoking, drinking, drug abuse, lack of exercise, lack of proper nutrition leading to hormonal imbalances, factors affecting libido like stress, depression, tension, anxiety etc. Below mentioned are some important and effective fertility herbs for both men and women.

Best Herbal Remedies For Fertility

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree also popularly known by the name of Vitex, has been used traditionally as a fertility herb for women. The berries of Chaste tree helps in regulating the function of the pituitary glands, thereby increasing the production of progesterone and maintaining optimum hormonal balance in the body. This helps in regularizing the female menstrual cycle and stimulates the release of egg follicle in every cycle, making the uterus fertile and conducive for implantation of embryo.

Chaste berry is best effective when used for a long duration of time and can be safely used up to the third trimester. It is very rarely given to men, as it suppresses the sex drive in men. This herbal remedy is also very effective in increasing the milk production, decreasing the PMS, helping with menopause etc. An herbal tea made using Chaste berry is a very effective fertility tonic.

chaste tree


Fo-Ti is a very famous Chinese herb used as both a fertility tonic and as a herb to increase longevity. Fo-Ti helps in increasing the sperm count and motility in men. It also helps in increasing the overall sex desire and increases sexual stamina. Fo-Ti is a very good adaptogen and stimulates the better functioning of both adrenal and thyroid glands. In females, Fo-Ti is effective in reducing the vaginal discharge and excessive bleeding by improving the uterine strength, thus making it more favorable for embryo implantation.

Fo-Ti also helps in reducing stress, tension, insomnia etc., which decreases the fertility of a person. Fo-Ti enhances the overall vitality and vigor in a person, hence, is popularly used as a fertility herb for both men and women. This herb is available in form of capsules, decoctions, herbal tea, extract, tonics, tincture etc.



Ginseng is yet another very famous Chinese herb used for its fertility enhancing properties in both men and women. Ginseng helps the women in increasing the tone of the uterus muscles, stimulate the proper development and release of egg follicle and makes the uterine cavity favorable for egg implantation. In men, Ginseng helps in increasing the sperm count, makes the sperm potent and thick, increases motility and sex drive. All these properties of Ginseng makes it a much desired and popular fertility herb. The root of Ginseng  is used for making fertility herbal tonics. It is available in form of root extract, tincture, capsules, powder, herbal tea etc.


False Unicorn

False Unicorn is one of the most favorite herb used since ancient times for enhancing the fertility of both the females and males body. This herb is also popularly known as Helonias or fairy wand and is considered as one of the most endangered fertility herbs. False Unicorn is very useful in preventing the miscarriage incidences and helps in regulating the menstrual cycle by inducing ovulation naturally, thereby making the female body fertile.False Unicorn also helps in reducing the internal inflammation and infection of the prostate glands, thus removing impotency and enhancing male fertility.

This herb also helps in increasing the strength of the uterus and cervix, increases estrogen levels in the body and stimulates the release of mature egg follicle in each cycle. All these properties of False Unicorn makes it a very popular and much sought after herb for fertility. The rhizome of False Unicorn is harvested for making fertility herbal formulas. This herb can be consumed in form of tincture, herbal tea, tonics, root extract etc.

false unicorn


Mugwort also commonly known as the St. John’s plant, has been used since ancient times by the Greek as a powerful fertility tonic. This herb has great affinity with the female reproductive system and enhances the overall fertility of the body. Mugwort helps in regulating the menstrual cycle in females, induces regular ovulation and prepares the body for pregnancy.

The flowers of this herb are used for making herbal tonics and are also very effective in increasing the circulation of blood in the whole body, including the genital region. This helps in making the sex organs healthy and enhances the overall fertility of the body. Mugwort is bitter in taste and hence, is used in combination with herbs like lemon balm to enhance its taste. Herbal tea made using Mugwort is very effective for the overall fertility of the body. It can also be taken in form of tincture, capsules, tonics etc.


Cramp Bark

Cramp bark is yet another very effective and widely used herbal remedy for enhancing fertility in both males and females. The bark is rich in medicinal properties and contains compounds called as aesculetin and scopoletin, which helps in reducing the spasms in the muscles, thus preventing miscarriages. This herb also helps in improving the circulation of blood in the uterine cavity, thus helping in removing toxins and making it strong and fertile for future pregnancies.

Cramp Bark is also rich in vitamin C content and contains Salicin, which helps in removing the pain associated with menstrual cycle, fibroids, cysts etc., thus helping the body to relax. This herb also helps in removing impotence in men, increases sperm count, increases motility etc. All these properties of Cramp bark makes it a wonderful fertility herb for both men and women. Cramp bark is easily available in form of tincture, herbal tea, tablets etc.

cramp bark