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Best Home Remedies For Menopause

[toc]MenopauseWhen it comes to menopause, women commonly address it as a phase or stage that marks the end of a menstruation cycles. Almost all women go through menstruation process post their entry into puberty. From that period onwards, every month the cycle comes and even though different health concerns lead to irregular menstruation cycle, the actual period of menopause comes only between mid forties and early fifties. There are different symptoms associated with menopause because different women enter the menopause stage differently.

Though this is a natural process, it is not the easiest for women to cope with it. There are cases where menopause brings along different elements and at times irritants with it. In order to cope and deal with it in a better manner, you can rely on alternatives that are available around you. Some people choose to visit a doctor to get themselves checked and get prescribed medicines. But, for something that is more like a natural process, it would be healthy and effective if you rely on natural means.

Yes, there is a huge demand not just for home remedies for menopause but in general the home remedies for different health concerns. You can rely on any of the suggested home remedies for this condition and not be concerned about its side effects as such simply because they are safe and would do absolutely no harm to your body.

Home Remedies For Menopause


flaxseedsWhen it comes to menopause, there are different symptoms associated with this problem. Some people experience some specific symptoms, while the others have other symptoms. If someone is experience hot flushes, which is commonly associated with menopause, they can rely on flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds are a very common home remedy used not just for menopause but other health concerns too. You wouldn’t find any difficulty finding them on the market. Flaxseeds contain a compound called lignans in it, which helps in reducing the impact and discomfort caused by menopause symptoms. Also, it contains immense amount of nutrients and vitamins, which in general are very good for the body. You must consume 40 grams of flaxseeds on daily basis, measure it and use the same proportion by converting into the spoon size. You could consume it directly with water, or use its powdered form or simply mix it in your food.

Olive Oil

Olive OilWhen women suffer with menopause, they have to cater to problems associated with vaginal dryness. However, there is no standard rule that all women face this concern, but there are most cases that bring along such a discomfort. You do have an option of using over the counter drugs, but that might bring with it some kind of side effects. So, ruling it all aside, you can most certainly opt for olive oil to cater to this specific menopause associated problem.

Olive oil has in it immense benefits that help in offering immense relief. Olive oil acts a natural lubricant and of course has many anti-bacterial properties in it. The irritation and discomfort that vaginal dryness brings along with it, you can treat it by applying olive oil before going to bed. In only few days you will find a great deal of difference.

Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seedsSunflower seeds have innumerable benefits to cater to one’s health. Most certainly it works wonders when it comes to women concerns, especially menopause. Experts and research suggests that while menopause brings with it different conditions, which of course not very soothing, sunflower seeds seem a reliable source to cope with it. It has in it vitamins and magnesium in it, which soothes the discomfort caused due to menopause.

As natural a condition it may be, but the reality is that you cannot simply let it be the way it is and bear the pain. Rather than relying on over the counter drugs, it is way better to choose home remedies for menopause and sunflower seeds are one amongst them. There are different ways to consume it; some directly swallow seeds with water, whereas a few swallow it in a powder form. It all depends on your convenience, do not over consume it, limit it to a reasonable amount and use it for a decent time frame and you will most certainly find a great deal of difference.


EggsEgg is one food that helps relieve all the symptoms associated with menopause. Egg contains in it immense amount of iron, which becomes a necessity during menopause. Even when you visit doctors, they will recommend you to medicines that have or help increase iron content in the body.

When this is achievable in the natural form via eggs, then there is no need to look out for any other means. One egg a day; be it in any form is very healthy for the body. Though it is connected with menopause here, you will find it helping you with other issues as well.

Legumes And Nuts

legumesWith menopause, most women complain about dry skin and hormonal imbalance. Well, you say goodbye to all these problems by adding legumes and nuts to your diet. If you realized sooner that you are in the menopause phase, then you will find far superior results because the dryness and hormone levels wouldn’t have gone too far from the normal. It is only when menopause kicks in and you don’t do anything about it in the initial stage, the symptoms start to get worse by the day. So, include legumes and nuts in your diet, because, with it comes calcium, vitamin E and zinc, which is very helpful for the skin.

The added advantage of using legumes and nuts is that you can use them in different forms. You don’t have to consume it directly. Take it in varying alternatives, the criteria is to consume them in any which way. You are going to find immense relief from different symptoms associated with menopause. Home remedies work wonders if you use it wisely, the symptoms won’t eradicate completely and sooner always. It has its own process but home remedies handle irritation and other discomforts very well.

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