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6 Most Common Symptoms Of Breast Lumps

[toc]Breast LumpsThe localized swelling or the thickening that takes place in the breast of a woman is known as breast lumps. It is actually the tissue growth pertaining to the breast and can also be called growth, swelling, mass and even thickness. This condition is very common in women where most of the lumps are not found to be cancerous.

There are several types of such lumps while the most common of them all are fibroadenomas and cysts. The fluid sacks that are found in the tissues of the breast are known as cysts while the fibrous and glandular tissue growths are known as fibroadenomas. The most common symptoms of breast lumps have been discussed below:

Symptoms Of Breast Lumps

Breast Discharge

The discharge that takes place in any of the nipples which might accompany some blood may be cited as one of the most frequent symptoms of breast lumps and it is always required to be treated immediately because it can turn out to be cancerous causing a great damage to the health of a woman.

 Pain Experienced In The Breasts

This is also considered as a very general symptom of breast lumps because any infection caused in any part of the body starts with a pain. Excessive or unbearable pain experienced in the breast can be taken as breast lumps symptom and requires a doctor’s supervision.

Change In Breast Size And Shape

A change in the size and the shape of the breast can also be taken as a symptom of breast lumps. Women should try to notice the change that takes place in their breast from time to time because any change in the shape and the size of the breast can lead to breast lumps that can not only be uncomfortable but at the same time embarrassing too.

Nipple Rash

Nipple rash can form as a small symptom of breast lumps beginning to appear. It may be treated as one symptom that occurs just in the beginning of the lumps starting to appear in the breast. Women take nipple rash very lightly because they experience such rash every now and then but if the rash does not disappear even after a very long time, the advice of a physician is very important in order to avoid the rash from transforming into breast lumps.

Breast Itching

Breast Itching Breast Itching

Itching of the breasts can be considered as one symptom that requires essential remedy because it might result in various complications of the breast including breast lumps.

Thickened Area In The Breasts

If either of the breasts are found to have a thickened area, it may be considered as the beginning of breast lumps starting to appear on the breast because thickened area or swelling in the breast can serve as regular symptoms of breast lumps. A lump or a bulge in the breasts cannot be taken very lightly because it is a very erratic situation that might not occur in women with normal breasts. Therefore the advice of the doctor is very important to be taken in such situations.

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