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6 Best Ways Of Treating Erectile Dysfunction At Home

[toc]Impotence is a word that all men want to shy off. Not being able to perform sexually is a trauma for the individual and also their partner. Even a mild case of non performance can hamper how one feels and behaves. Thus it is vital to understand treatments for this problem.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused because of various factors like hormones, stress, medication, illnesses, etc. This leads to mental trauma for the individuals suffering from the same, because they usually don’t share it with anyone. However, it has been seen that pills and medicines do come with their share of side effects. These remedies are however safe and provide results gradually but surely-

6 Ways Of Treating Erectile Dysfunction At Home

Gingko Biloba

For centuries, a variety of ailments have been addressed with gingko biloba extract. This is basically a Chinese herbal medicine which has the ability of improving blood circulation which in turn enhances memory, focus and concentration.

It is deemed to be beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction because it improves circulation and aids blood vessels in relaxing and allows blood to flow to the sexual organs. Drug stores, health food stores and supermarkets will have this supplement as its very common.

Gingko Biloba


This traditional Chinese method has been known for treating an array of problems. As per experts, the idea of pressuring certain points in the body, helps in stimulating and enhancing the function of the penis. Placing thin needles on certain points via an expert therapist really works in treating this issue.



Recommended highly by doctors in India and even China, garlic has properties that enhances the libido too. It has been known as an aphrodisiac and you can have a few cloves everyday. Either chop it or just crush it. If the taste is too strong for you, then have it with some honey or include the same in your diet in bigger quantities. But make sure that you have it in raw forms.



Onions are considered to be one of the safes and most suggested ways of increasing and enhancing the libido. What you can do is have more of onions in your diet. You can also have the juice of the onion or consume it in soups or salads. What you can also do is boil two onions in water and then strain and keep drinking half a cup at least thrice a day for best results.



One of the best ways for treating this problem is via reflexology. What happens here is that pressure is applied on the organ in an in direct way. This helps in increasing the production of blood and stimulates the organ too.

Usually these points are around the ankle or even near the feet. The nerves connect from here to the organ and thus help in improving the stimulation and helps combat the problem.



For improving circulation in the body, exercise is a very effective way. Erectile dysfunction usually occurs because of poor blood flow and exercise can boost blood flow to give an erection to people. Kegel exercises for men are very beneficial in this reference and help in restoring flow of blood back to the penis.

Kegel Exercise

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