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Causes And Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

[toc]Erectile dysfunction is one of the many conditions that are known to have an effect on sexual intercourse. This condition affects men and in this condition one is likely not able to keep an adequate erection that is necessary for sexual activity.

Causes And Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

This is a problem that can affect normal life in many ways. That is why one must know about the causes as well as symptoms of this problem. If you are willing to know more about them, just go through this article.

Important Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol Abuse

Research has proved that too much of alcohol abuse can result in a host of sexual diseases including erectile dysfunction. The toxins present in alcohol are likely to affect the body and can result in various hormonal changes that can interrupt sexual activity.


Anxiety And Stress

In the 21st century, men are suffering from anxiety and stress owing to reasons such as job, studies, family life and so on. Medical studies have proved the fact that too much stress and anxiety can affect the sex life of an individual to a great extent. These are the psychological causes that result in erectile dysfunctionand have an effect on your physical strength to keep an adequate erection during sexual activity.


Certain Medications

Certain medications are known to result in erectile dysfunction in men. Medicines such as diuretics, fibrates, beta blockers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, corticosteroids, H2 antagonists, anticonvulsants, antihistamines, anti androgens and cytotoxics are known to result in this condition.


Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases affect the heart and also the blood vessels of the body. There are many cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis in which the arteries harden. This can result in certain sexual inabilities in men including erectile dysfunction.


Anatomical Causes

Anatomical causes include those conditions that can affect the physical formation of your penis. This reason can also cause erectile dysfunction along with a host of other conditions that can affect sexual intercourse.

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Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction are given below:

Painful Sex

One of the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction is difficulty during sex. This is one condition that affects most number of men at least once during their lifetime. One is likely to experience pain during intercourse that may range from mild to severe according to the condition. The pain is mainly due to inadequate erection or no erection at all. There is also difficulty in ejaculating as well.


Lack Of Sexual Desire

Another common symptom of erectile dysfunction is lack of sexual desire in men. Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction usually do not seem to be interested in sex and are not able to experience sexual arousal.

Lack Of Sexual Desire

Painful Urination

Men also experience pain while urinating if they are suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED. This can be caused due to certain problems in the circulatory system that may result in the nerves in the region getting affected, thus, causing pain.


Most men also suffer from lack of appetite and experience a sudden loss of weight if they have the problem of erectile dysfunction. This lack of appetite as well as weight loss lead to physical weakness.


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