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6 Tips To Improve Foreplay Technique

[toc]Sex can give men great satisfaction, but the same cannot be said for a woman. Every man should remember that women love foreplay and the more they give it to them, the more sexed up they will get. This could lead to the best sex one has ever had. Hence, when a man wants wild sex, foreplay is the best route. A woman will not simply jump onto a naked man.

Foreplay Techniques

She will only become a goddess or tigress in bed when those body parts that are extremely receptive to sensuousness are stimulated. This article provides you complete details about the hot parts of a woman’s body that can turn her on and instantly make her wet and wild. If a man manages to achieve this, she will be talking about him for a long, long time.

Ways To Improve Foreplay Technique

Understand The Hotspots

There are typically four hotspots in a woman’s body that can be stimulated to enhance their sexual appetite and thus achieve complete satisfaction for both participants. When these spots are stimulated, a woman will simply go crazy.

The point is not only to trigger her mind and get her to relax, but also to manipulate these spots in a sexual way so that a man can have the best sex of their life and a woman can reach orgasm. It will be the best sex and orgasm of her life as well.


Ears – Whisper Sweet Nothings

The ears of the woman are said to be the first hotspot. A number of nerves can be found in the ear all of which are sexually sensitive. Proof of this can be obtained by stimulating the ear and getting a firsthand look at the heat it generates.

Desire and passion should be used for kissing, sucking and licking the ear. One can even play with them and then see the way a woman will moan.



The lips are the second hotspot that can be found. Slow kissing is an ideal way to start and it can progress onto smooching. Using tongues is a plus and a man should also play with her tongue by tasting and sucking it.

Keep in mind that kissing can turn on a woman quite easily. Make the kissing hot and delicious by simply devouring her tongue and lips. Let your hands play with her body when you are kissing her.


Nape Of The Neck

The most sensuous hotspot for a woman is her neck. Working on her neck gives her immense pleasure. One can kiss, suck and lick passionately, but do so with desire and passion to drive the woman to orgasm. Harshness will take away the essence. Hickeys and small bites on the neck will be a reminder for her about a great sexual experience.

Nape on neck


The most sensitive spot is a woman’s back. Sex can be triggered by a man with the help of the different nerve endings on the back. Rub her back and give her a massage to improve circulation.The remaining hot spots are the clitoris and G spot. A man should use his tongue, hands, lips and even penis to stimulate a woman’s hotspots to drive her wild.



Another way to indulge in foreplay techniques without even touching her is to do some teasing.

You can indulge in some sexual games like tying her eyes or blindfolding her. Apart from this, you can also do a strip tease, which is definitely any woman’s desire.


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