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7 Reasons For Low Libido In Men

[toc]Low Libido in simple terms is defined as the disinterest in the sexual activity. While low libido is commonly observed in women, men are also not immune to it. Men suffering from low libido often do not want to talk about it and tend to ignore this problem. As a result of which, there is a considerable strain on their married life and can even lead to divorce.

Low Libido In Men

Loss of libido can be attributed to many factors, ranging from simple disinterest in the spouse to as serious as an underlying health problem. Below discussed are some important reasons which may be associated with low libido in men.

7 Important Low Libido Reasons In Men

Stress, Tension And Fatigue

Stress and tension related to job, career and inter-personal relationships, are the main reasons which are responsible for Low libido in men. People tend to put in long hours at work to remain ahead in their jobs and please the boss due to which men are absolutely depleted of energy by the end of the day. The feeling of fatigue and tiredness adds up to disinterest in sex.



Men often face lots of problems both in personal and professional Life. Sometimes, the problems become so big that the person is unable to find a solution and tend to become bogged down. This results in men suffering from nervous break down and depression.

Men suffering from depression tend to withdraw into themselves and start avoiding people, including their spouses. They tend to suffer from low libido, which negatively impacts their marital relationship.


Performance Anxiety

Men are very touchy about their organ size and their sexual prowess in bed. To satisfy the women in bed often becomes a point of ego for them. This often leads to a feeling of anxiety and nervousness associated with performing in bed games, thus causing men to suffer from disinterest in sex and low sex libido.

Performance Anxiety

Erectile Dysfunction

A sexual act is incomplete without proper foreplay, penetration and ejaculation. However, some men suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction which results in their inability to achieve a firm erection and subsequently maintain it for penetration during sex. This causes the men to suffer from a lot of embarrassment and low self esteem, thereby resulting in low libido.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low Levels Of Testosterone

Libido or the sex drive in men is controlled by male sex hormone testosterone. Any irregularity in the functioning of the pituitary gland causes low levels of testosterone in the body, leading to hormone disbalance. A low level of testosterone negatively impacts the sex drive of a person and causes him to suffer from low libido.



Age is again one of the major deterrent to sexual libido. With increase in age, men and women tend to suffer from various health related issues and hormonal imbalance due to andropause and menopause respectively. This causes a decrease in libido of both men and women.However, age is not always responsible for low libido, as it has been also observed that some people tend to enjoy sex even at an advanced age of 70 and above.


Medications And Health Problems

Low libido sometimes may be as a side effect of certain health related illness and medications one takes. Some of the common health problems which contribute to low sex drive are-diabetes, thyroid, heart problem, BP etc. Similarly, drugs given to reduce depression, BP, induce sedation etc., can cause low libido in men.