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7 Valuable Dietary Tips To Increase Sex Drive

[toc]Sex DrivePeople are nowadays so much stressed out that they feel their sex drive is lacking and it isn’t what it used to be before. With the decrease in libido they are not much finding that spark in their love life. The other reasons for low libido can be illness, aging, medications, lifestyle, depression, relationship blues, new baby or drugs and alcohol which can differ from person to person.

But they can again regain the sex life and get into the mood by trying out few interesting foods that can arouse their desires again. These foods can have sensory impact which rouses the psyche and even have strong muscle strengthening effects. Thus we’ve listed below 7 effectual diets that can increase the sex drive, and make them and their partners go crazy over each other.

Dietary Tips To Increase Sex Drive


WatermelonWatermelon is known to be a good diet for better sex. The flesh and rind of watermelon includes citrulline amino acids that are perfect for the cardiovascular system, healthy for your heart and aids in calming down the blood vessels which can enhance the sex drive. Thus you can make a bowl of watermelon salad and have it twice a day daily. You can even drink two glasses of watermelon juice regularly. You can even prepare the watermelon sorbet and have it with your partner.


AlmondsAlmonds contain excellent sources of fatty acids the potent raw materials beneficial for arousing sex hormones. As it is high in L-Arginine, an amino acid, the almonds can perk up the blood circulation, increases the erectile response and improve the sex drive. The erectile response is superb due to the intake of almonds. Thus men and women can have 8 to 10 pieces of almonds daily on regular basis.


OrangesYour sex life will become lively with the ingestion of oranges. Oranges have antioxidant properties and contain rich Vitamin-C that is best for defending the sex organs to function evenly. If you’ll ingest 3 to 5 oranges per day daily, it can even increase the arousal level and sensitivity. You can even have two glasses of orange juice, one in the morning and one at night every day.


OystersHaving higher level of zinc, the oysters are significant for the production of testosterone and healthy sperms too. Oysters even develop the dopamine levels that increase the libido in women and men. Thus you can prepare oysters at home and have them quite often.


BlueberriesMen who are old and have erectile problems can take the advantage of blueberries. It has high soluble fiber that aid in lessening the cholesterol levels. It even contains phytochemicals that loosens up your blood vessels which brings more blood flow to the penis. Even the erection too grows stronger as you become older. Thus you can have 6 to 10 blueberries per day regularly.


EggsEggs contain rich sources of Vitamins B5 and B6 that will help you to enhance your sex drive. They will also aid in fighting off stress and also makes stable the hormone levels as they’re vital for a strong libidoThus you can have two boiled eggs in the breakfast per day which should be taken four to five times a week. You can also have scrambled eggs or egg curry in your meals frequently.

Cocoa Or Chocolate

The cocoa obtained in chocolate includes Methylxanthines which will help in enhancing the sensitivity of the body, thus encouraging more of sex. Chocolate even comprises Phenylethylamine that can arouse the excitement level in the couple. So they can either have cocoa milk, chocolate milkshake or only chocolate bites daily. Women who love having a piece of chocolate on daily basis can have active sex lives than the ones who don’t have at all or have extremely less chocolates.

Hence you can have the above dietary tips for raising the sex drive.

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