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9 Amazing Natural Cures For Sinus Infection

[toc]Sinuses are the cavities formed around the eyebrows, nose and cheeks. Their purpose is to filter the nasal air and to warm it as well. The sinuses are lined with mucus membranes which perform these tasks. When they get congested, they are not able to get drained well, resulting in accumulation of muck.

Sinus Infection

This leads to infection, which causes heaviness and pain in head. One may feel that the head pains the moment you turn it a bit or bend it. However, people have been practicing natural cure for sinus infection successfully. It is recommended that one tries natural cure first for a couple of days before meeting a doctor. Chances are that you will not have to see a doctor, if you combine two or three of these cures and be a disciplined patient.

9 Natural Cures For Sinus Infection

Use Neti Pot

There are a variety of neti pots available in the health stores ranging from metallic, made of plastic to the elegant ones made of ceramic. You can choose any of them, they all work equally well.What we need to be careful about is the correct way to make use of doing neti. You need to run the water from one nostril through the other while all the time breathing through your mouth.

Fill up your neti pot with lukewarm water; add a little salt to it. The amount of salt should be just enough to make the water taste like tears. Now tilt your head to one side and put the spout of neti pot in the upper nostril.

Feel comfortable and start breathing from the mouth. Once you establish the rhythm with breathing start the flow of water from the pot. Water will start flowing from the other nostril. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril, by tilting the head ion the reverse. This natural cure is a yoga cure for sinus related issues; this also improves your eyesight.

Neti Pot

Hot Fomentation

Sinus infection can be looked after with the hot fomentation of the sinuses. This can be done very easily. All you need is two face towels and hot water. Soak one towel in hot water and squeeze the excess water out. Now fold it in the form of a strip and put it gently over your eyebrows.

Let it be there for as long as there is warmth, then do the same process with the other towel. You may keep the towel over the entire forehead as well as over the nose covering your cheek, if the infection is severe.

Hot Fomentation

Essential Oils

Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oils are the most popular essential oils for curing sinus infection. The best way to use these oils is to inhale them with steam.

The other method is to rub them on the face over the sinuses. You may think of using them as diffusion. Both these oils can be mixed in carrier oil. To 10 parts of a carrier oil put 1:1 f both these oils.

tea tree oil

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation is one of the commonest cures around the globe. You can either use a kitchen pot for this or buy a mini sauna. It costs very little money, but makes your steam inhalation simple and safe.

Whichever methods you use, cover your head with a sheet or a towel and remain in steam for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, remain covered in the same towel for another 15 to 20 minutes. Let the steam have its good effect on your sinuses.

Steam will loosen the mucus and help in easy drainage. Once the sinuses get drained, you will feel comfortable. Asmentioned in the previous point, you may add a drop or two of an essential oil to the water.


Drink Water

Whether you have just a common cold or a severe attack of sinus infection, water therapy is the first one to be recommended by a nature cure expert. One needs to drink lukewarm water in sufficient quantity. The word sufficient depends on your body size, work style and weather.

An adult putting in work under the harsh summer sun requires much more than an adult remaining indoors during winters. Any adult needs about 2 to 4 litres. Increase it if you have sinus infection. The increased water will ease your congestion converting dry mucus into wet one, which will get dislodged easily.

drink water

Warm Saline Gargles

Gargles are an effective cure not just for sore throat, as it is commonly known, but also for sinus infection. Warm water swirled deep in the throat helps ease congestion of the sinuses as well, thus aiding in easy flow of the  mucus.



Humidifier plays an important role in curing sinusitis if you stay in a dry area. The atmospheric dryness causes the mucus to dry, thus it gets accumulated in the sinuses.

The room where you spend most of your time should have a humidifier. A humidifier is best used in the sleeping room so that you can have the moist air to breathe as you sleep. This will not only give you better sleep, but also allow the congestion run out in the morning.


How To Cure A Sinus Infection
How To Prevent Sinus Infection

Eat Right Food 

Dietary regulation is an integral part of naturopathy. You will be recommended a simple-to-digest liquid diet. Milk and dairy products are to be completely avoided, so are rich and heavy foods. better go for soups and lentils.

Your food should be warm, cod food will aggravate sinus congestion. Chilled foods like ice-creams or drinks should be strictly kept at bay. There should be no temptation to have them at all. Warmer the food, faster will be the relief from sinus congestion.



Herbs like holy basil can be had as an infusion thrice a day for a week. Holy basil has a tremendous value. One can make an infusion with 25 leaves of holy basil by adding them to half a liter of water. It will be better to put 5 corns of black pepper and one black cardamom.

Let them come to a boil for 5 minutes, add some sugar and divide the strained liquid into three doses. Sip each dose after making it warm. The resulting infusion is much better than the pills available at the pharma shop.


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