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9 Simple And Useful Home Remedies For Diverticulitis

[toc]When small pouches develop in the colon, people are said to be suffering from the condition of diverticulitis. Diverticula is the name given to these pouches, which occur when pressure forces the inner lining of the large intestine through the weak spots that can be found in the colon’s outer layer. The causes of diverticulitis are unknown for now, but people can be at greater risk of encountering it because of lack of exercise or for following a low-fiber diet.


The susceptibility of individuals to the disease of diverticulitis increases as people grow older. Discomfort can be caused by even the most minor of the colon concerns and there is a high risk of them progressing and developing into something more severe and serious. Some home remedies can be useful in this condition and they are as follows:

9 Diverticulitis Home Remedies

Liquid Diet

According to the Mayo Clinic, people will need to follow a liquid diet when they are suffering from an acute attack of diverticulitis. The greatest thing that patients can do for their health is to start a completely liquid and clear diet for a number of days as soon as symptoms start appearing.

Foods like ice pops, clear carbonated drinks, water, gelatin and broth are included in the complete clear liquid diet that has to be followed. The intestines will be able to relax when this diet is being followed and they will also be able to fix any damage.


Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can prove to be an excellent remedy for treating a number of diseases and this also includes diverticulitis. Colloidal silver has the ability of killing viruses and germs along with other pathogens because it is basically an all-natural antibiotic.

It will work even if conventional antibiotics fail. In addition, injured tissue can be repaired and irritation can also be reduced with the help of colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver


Another home remedy that can prove to be useful in battling diverticulitis is exercise. The stomach muscles can be toned and strengthened with the help of regular exercise and it can also promote digestion.



When people are looking for a multi-vitamin, it is best that they opt for an organic supplement because artificial supplements are not good for the bodies and most of the ones that are available over the counter are artificial in nature.

The most effective and useful choice for people will be whole food based and plant derived supplements because they would allow the body to heal when it’s suffering from different issues.



Inflammation can be triggered with the changes that tend to occur in the intestinal microflora. These changes can be removed or reversed constantly with the help of probiotics. A great home remedy for eliminating diverticulitis is to take quality probiotics consistently for an extended duration.



Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties are possessed by potatoes due to which they can especially benefit during digestion woes. Moreover, they are also nourishing and tasty.

Fried potatoes should be avoided at all costs because diverticulitis can be aggravated with grease. However, people can take broiled, cooked or baked potatoes as they are useful.


Brown Rice

Spasms and inflammation in the colon can be calmed with brown rice, which is rich in fiber and soothing for the digestive system as well. Brown rice can be served up by people in a variety of ways.

They can use it as a stir-fry by mixing it with veggies, they can be boiled for a tea and the liquid can be consumed and the rice eaten or they can be eaten plain. Instead of using cereal as breakfast food, brown rice can also be used or people can mix them with a little honey and use as dessert.

Brown Rice


Infection can be prevented with garlic. A single clove should be eaten thrice a day. It can be added to stew soup or use in salad. The medicinal benefits of garlic are destroyed with heat so raw garlic should be added after food is cooked.

But, garlic should not be added to pasta sauce as the symptoms become exacerbated because of spicy, tomato-based or acidic foods.



Soothing diverticulitis is easy with papaya. People should eat a red-tinged and nice papaya after cutting it open and tossing away its seeds. It works well with melons so it can be used in a fruit salad as well. Juice can also be made by putting it into a blender. If necessary, it can be sweetened up with a little honey. Otherwise, its flavor is enjoyable as it is.


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