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Top 5 Natural Cures For Diverticulitis

Natural Cure To Diverticulitis

[toc]A digestive disorder which is common within the large intestine is known as Diverticulitis. If one of the diverticula becomes inflamed, then it causes diverticulitis. The symptoms of diverticulitis are abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea.

The symptoms may differ from person to person. It can also be remain undetected for many years, without showing any visible symptoms. Severe diverticulitis may even require surgery. Low fibre diet may be a cause for diverticulitis. Delaying bowel movements may also cause diverticulitis. Here you can see the top 5 natural cures for diverticulitis.

5 Natural Cures For Diverticulitis

Liquids And High Fibre Diet

Drink Water To Reduce Diverticulitis

To treat diverticulitis you may need to intake lot of liquid diet. Water, carbonated drinks and gelatin are few examples for liquid diet. This might help you to fix any damage in the intestines, when you continuously hydrate your body. If the symptoms disappear then you can consume eggs, peanut butter, yogurt etc. Initially low fiber diets might be beneficial for you. Then slowly you can consume high fibre diet. Dried beans, whole grains and uncooked fruits are some examples for high fibre diet. Flaxseeds may also help.

Rest And Exercise

Proper Rest To Reduce Diverticulitis

Rest is essential for you to recover from diverticulitis. Be calm and rest your body. You can increase your activity level when the symptoms disappear. Exercise may improve your bowel movement and it might help you to recover from diverticulitis. You can also do aerobic workouts.

Vitamin Rich Foods

Vitamin C To Reduce Diverticulitis

You may need multi-vitamins to resolve nutritional deficiencies. To maintain the normal functions of the intestines, you may need glutamine. The amino acid glutamines may reduce the risk of diverticulitis. Diabetes patients and people with other health disorders should not consume glutamine supplements. In severe cases, you can consume vitamin D3 tablets daily.

Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil may fight against the inflammation. To boost your immune system you may need vitamin C. Many fruits like lemon and orange can be consumed as vitamin c supplements. You can also consume grape seed extract.


Probiotics To Reduce Diverticulitis

You can use Probiotics to cure diverticulitis. Probiotics may prevent inflammation in the intestinal microflora. You can expect good result if you consume Probiotics along with a healing diet. You can consume milk and yogurt to treat diverticulitis. It may help you to maintain the normal microbial balance in the digestive tract.

Remove Toxins

High Fibre Food To Reduce Diverticulitis

If you remove toxins from your living environment, then it may be possible to cure diverticulitis. You should be aware about all the elements which may cause diverticulitis. You should provide more attention to your cooking pans. They should be kept clean. You should be aware about the harmful chemicals and electromagnetic radiations in your house.

Create a healthy environment and protect yourself from diverticulitis. Anti-inflammatory properties and omega 3 fatty acids are essential to reduce the inflammation that is caused due to the disease. The fiber contents may help you to soften the fecal matter. The best way to avoid constipation is consuming high fiber foods and you should increase your liquid consumption.

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