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5 Best Natural Cures For Peptic Ulcer

Natural Cure To Peptic Ulcer

[toc]Peptic Ulcer can be defined as an eroded lining or lesion or a tissue within the digestive tract that comes in contact with the excess of gastric juices which are acidic. The mucus membrane of the lining gets corroded forming a hole or erosion causing a lot of pain. It can form within the duodenum or in a part of the stomach or even in the oesophagus. One comes to know that he/she is suffering from peptic ulcer when he/she faces excruciating pain in the upper part of the abdomen an hour after the meal. 

Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, extreme acidity extreme heart burn or chest pain are other signs of the existence of peptic ulcers. The presence of hydrochloric acid and excessive production of other acids in the digestive tract causes theses ulcers. There are many treatments for this disorder which are not natural and hence either very expensive or having a lot of side effects. Natural cures for peptic ulcers are very safe and viable therefore people are always inquisitive to know more about the natural cures. Some of these tried and tested cures are mentioned below.

Natural Cures For Peptic Ulcer


Banana To Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Bananas are the most easily accessible and inexpensive mode of treatment for peptic ulcers. They are also highly effective and are known to eradicate the ulcer from its root. When taken regularly it acts as a neutralizer and settles the acid formation in the stomach. It rebuilds and thickens the lining of the mucus membrane ,in the stomach . It also puts an end to the irritation that occurs in the stomach.

Even in advance stages of this peptic ulcer , it is highly recommended to go on a banana and milk diet . Bananas are known to be pacifiers that possess the ability to regulate the digestive juices and stops the formation of acids in its tracts. This fruit can be consumed during any time of the day but care should be taken to avoid eating it just after meals. The ideal time of consumption is on an empty stomach and shortly after eating it, one should eat breakfast to avoid further acidity.

Wood Apple

Wood Apple To Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Peptic Ulcer is easily curable by another natural product called the wood apple. It can be used in a lot of ways. The most common one being using its leaves for infusions or it can be soaked in water overnight and then this water can be consumed after straining the leaves.

This treatment should be practiced on a regular basis for at least 3 weeks to see the best result, However the pain and discomfort reduces considerably in a weeks’ time. It is rich in tannin and its juice can be taken in the form of a beverage as well. It has excellent healing properties and is known to cure peptic ulcers and aid good digestion.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk To Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Almonds have to be blanched overnight and then peeled after which it is mixed in a blender and then strained to form almond milk. This milk is an effective cure for peptic ulcers as they reduce the excessive formation of acid in the stomach and thus get rid of the erosions of the stomach lining.

They are known to heal and strengthen the mucus membrane and aid in healthy digestion. This milk can be added to certain recipes for optimum results and can also be consumed as it is. It can be prepared easily and is known to be effective at any stage of ulcer. The protein content in the almond is equally beneficial for strengthening the stomach tissues and muscles.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds To Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Fenugreek seeds are found in almost all Indian homes and the best way to cure peptic ulcers with this natural product is to prepare tea from the seeds. It provides a protective shell when it combines with water to create a mucilaginous substance that protects the otherwise thin lining of the stomach.

It also soothes this stomach lining and aids in the healing of the same. Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water and then consumed in the morning on an empty stomach gives wonderful results as well.


Drumstick To Reduce Peptic Ulcer

This natural product is actually the leaves of Kalyana murangal tree and it acts as a strong neutralizer of the excessive acids present in the digestive tract. About 10 grams of this leaves are required to be ground and mixed with half a cup of yogurt and taken before meal.

This mixture is an excellent remedy for settling the digestive tract and protecting it from the food that act as irritants to the digestive tract. They are readily available in the grocery store during the winter season.

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