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Effective Home Remedies For Viral Infections

[toc]viral infectionsViral infections have become fairly common these days and tend to affect the nose along with throat, ears and even chest. Viruses can attack the body any time and any place and thus you need to maintain good hygiene for avoiding and preventing the same. But if you are affected with a viral infection of some kind then it is best to opt for home remedies rather than medicines.

In most cases it has been seen that these home remedies help in preventing the recurrence of infections and they also heal the body much faster. Be it an infection of the chest, ear or even fever that has flu like symptoms, you can easily get rid of viral infections with these simple remedies-

Best Home Remedies For Viral Infections


drink waterOne of the best ways to combat viral infections of all kinds are by increasing your fluid intake and that includes water too. Remember that hydration is the key to improving immunity and for this you need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

It heals viral illnesses and also cures other symptoms and helps to heal and improve immunity. Make sure that the water you are consuming is boiled so that risks of water borne viruses are eliminated.

Chicken Soup

There is nothing more comforting for a viral infection than chicken soup. Blame it on old wives tale or simply the comforting nourishment that it brings you, chicken soup has elements that are rich in nutrients, which combat viruses inside the body. It is great for viral infections like cold, sinuses, headaches fever and many more.

Garlic, Clove And Honey

GarlicAnother simple remedy that you can try at home for combating viral infections is using a syrup of garlic and honey. Both of these ingredients have antiviral properties that hasten the healing process of the body. It also helps to soothe sore throat along with other symptoms of viral infections. Clove is a great addition to this mixture because the oils of the same add freshness and energy to the body, while restraining the infection and preventing it from spreading.

Simply take about 5 cloves of garlic and crush the same. Add it to some honey and add a crushed clove to it. Keep consuming this mixture throughout the day. You can make enough for about a day or two and store it in an airtight container. But do make sure that you let the clove and the garlic sit in the honey for at least a couple of hours to soak in the juices.


HumidifierIt has been seen that viral infections are most common in places that are very dry and tend to cause more symptoms of discomfort. Hence, if you are suffering from a chest, ear or nose viral infection then a good humidifier would be of great help. You can either use a cold or hot one based on your requirements.

If you don’t have a humidifier at home, then simply head to the bathroom and switch on the shower. Let the steam cover the entire area and sit in the same. This will aid in easier breathing and help the infection get out of the body too.

Nasal Irrigation

Most viruses that affect the chest, nose and ear tend to block the nasal passage and the most common example is a common cold. A sinus infection can be prevented using some nasal drops. Basically you can get these at any drug store or simply make one using a spoon of salt to about 8 spoons of water. Then let it get into the nostril wait for a few seconds and then pour into the other.

Raspberry Leaves

Red RaspberryA quick and tasty remedy for healing viral infections is raspberry tea leaves. You can easily make a tea using the leaves of this fruit, which can be either fresh or even dried.

Take a cup of boiling water and add about two spoons of dried raspberry leaves to the same. If using fresh, then add a bunch to the water. Let it stay for about 15 minutes and then strain it. Once it is cool, then you can drink it or even gargle using it.


There are a variety of herbal teas that you can use for making some useful home remedies. One of them is sage that helps in treating throat viral infections. Again boil some sage in water and then add some honey to it and use as a gargle. This various anti-microbial properties that help in healing respiratory conditions.


balmYou can use lemon or eucalyptus balm for getting relief by taking a steam using the same. Basically balms are easily available in the house and are of great help for throat and nose viral infections, which are fairly common during weather change. Simply rub the balm on the desired areas and let it stay. As you inhale the essence or smells, you will get respite from the symptoms of infection.


TurmericFresh or even dried turmeric is a great home remedy for healing viral infections. Even if you are not affected with infection, then simply mix a tea spoon of the dried turmeric to some warm milk and drink every night.

Another remedy is using fresh turmeric juice with some dried ginger and lime. Drink about a quarter of a cup of this. You can also mix some hot water in turmeric and use it as a gargle for viral infections in the throat.

Essential Oil

Various kinds of essential oils are available for easing the infections that viruses cause. For instance, the oil of oregano helps in combating sinus, colds and other similar viral infections. The oil has anti-viral properties along with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements that are beneficial in healing infections. You can use the oil to massage essential points or add it to some hot tea and drink it.

Oil here would be carrier oil that can be used for massage above the nose, temples and the eyes. Peppermint oil and lavender oil helps in soothing and easing breathing during cold viral infections. You can massage it around the throat, chest, nose, etc. for getting relief. So use these home remedies for getting rid of viral infections.

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