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How To Cure Constipation

[toc]The word constipation means irregular or hard bowel movements. The irregularity of bowel movements can be uncomfortable for a lot of humans and it can also lead to other digestion related diseases.Poor diet, excessive eating or improper chewing of food can lead to this trouble. Normally, people suffering from constipation have less than 3 bowel movements every week.


This can actually lead to a lot of symptoms like pelvic and abdominal pain, bloating of the abdomen and flatulence. Below there are a lot of easy ways and means to cure constipation. The main idea is to find a method to stimulate the digestion process of your body.

15 Cures For Constipation

Take A Laxative

If you want to cure constipation right away, then you can take an over the counter medication like milk of magnesia, senna, or mineral oil. But these medications should always be your last option for the cure. You must promise yourself to alter your lifestyle and eating habits.

Milk Of Magnesia

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a good way to cure your constipation. You can easily take 2 tablespoons of flax seeds daily in your diet. Grind the flax seeds before you consume them. Flax seeds are a natural source of fiber and are a great way to prevent constipation. You can also include oatmeal, beans and other vegetables in your diet.

flax seeds

Water Therapy

Water therapy is best for your body. You must understand that a human body requires water to help in proper digestion of food. Water helps to keep the body fit and aids in weight loss. This is the best reason for you to develop a habit of drinking water. Drink plenty of water as it keeps the intestine and bladder fit.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily will help in softening the stool and preventing constipation. When there is lack of hydration in the body, the stool will turn hard and dry and will thus result in constipation.


Proper Exercise

Exercising is good for maintaining the overall health of your body. You must exercise daily as it is also a good cure for constipation. Try taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes. This is a good exercise for your body as it keeps your body active and prevents constipation. Exercising leads to the contraction of intestinal muscles and thus increases the frequency of bowel movement.

You must understand that the digestion process is enhanced when you exercise the abdomen area. The stool can move easily in the digestive tract if you exercise daily. Aerobics, tennis, swimming and jogging are good form of exercises that you can practice.



And you thought that prunes were good only for the old aged! This is a natural cure for constipation and eating or drinking warm prune juice will do well for your digestion.



Proboitics are a good way to prevent constipation. You can take supplements that are easily available over the counter or include yoghurt daily in your diet.


Healthy Eating

You must eat healthy food. Sever constipation is often caused due to eating low-fiber food. Limit or try and eliminate your fried food diet you can take a fiber supplement initially to counter the constipation. Start eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Add fibrous vegetables, whole grains and fruits to your diet. You must understand that fiber adds bulk to the intestine and helps in forming stool that is easy to pass away.


Massaging Abdomen

To help ease constipation you can also massage your abdomen gently. Massaging the abdomen daily for 10 to 15 minutes releases the tension of the intestinal muscles and hence stimulates the bowel movement.


Drink Hot Beverage

Drinking a hot beverage often helps in stimulating the bowel movement. A hot beverage like tea, coffee or milk releases the tension of the intestinal muscles and helps in passing the stool easily.


Check Your Medication

You must keep a check on the medications that you are taking. Iron supplements, calcium, antacids are some drugs that can easily cause constipation. You must also learn to stay away from over the counter medications, pain relievers and other drugs that contain narcotics.


Check For Other Disease

You must also keep in mind that constipation can be caused due to other digestive disorders like colitis, colon cancer or irritable bowel movement. Setting a new routine, stress or pregnancy can also result in constipation. Check with your doctor if the trouble persists.

consult doctor

Eat A Banana Regularly

Banana is a fruit and is the best way to cure constipation. Banana taken ripe is helpful enough as with it bowel movements get the all needed stimulation. Moreover, pectin and starch that a ripe banana contain in abundance helps bind the stool, thus further helping the cause. This is a widely known natural remedy for constipation and is recommended by the health practitioners world-wide.

If you want the best result then you must include banana daily in your diet. But be sure that water intake accompanies your ripe banana diet therapy; also put a cap on the number of ripe bananas in a day at three.


Kiwi Fruit And Apple

Kiwi fruit has laxative property and is a natural way for curing constipation. You can easily include kiwi fruit in the daily diet, this fruit has high fiber content that helps in easy digestion and gives a safe passage to stool.
This fruit is also beneficial in thinning blood and reducing the risk of clotting.

Apple is a famous fruit and is also a cure for constipation. Apple comprises of both soluble and insoluble fiber that promotes digestion and gives a safe passage to stool.


Eat Leafy Vegetables

People who suffer from constipation are always advised by the health experts to eat green leafy vegetables. The leafy green allows faster absorption of the nutrients and regularizes the bowel movement.


Include Grapes In Your Diet

You can also eat grapes daily. This is also another way to cure constipation. It is one of the best home remedy that is recommended to relieve the trouble of constipation. The juice of this fruit includes cellulose, organic acid and sugar.

If you eat grapes daily you can prevent constipation and other diseases like cataract etc. Eating fruits and vegetables is a good habit that keeps the body free of diseases.


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