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4 Natural Cures For Constipation

[toc]Constipation is a very common digestive ailment that most adults experience in their life. The conditions that form the hallmark of constipation are infrequent bowel movements together with discomfort or difficulty while defecating. A person experiencing constipation is also bound to feel bloated and uncomfortable that further adds to his/her woes.


There are several over the counter medicines that are promising, but they are not an answer to chronic constipation. Therefore, many people today are opting for natural cures for constipation that are not only effective but also long lasting. Here is a list of some very effective natural cures that you can use for your benefit.

Natural Ways To Cure Constipation

Intake Of Fibrous Food

A diet rich in fiber has a major role to play in curing constipation. Constipation occurs when the intake of fibrous food is much less in comparison to the intake of fats, dairy and refined sugar. The digestive enzymes of the human body cannot digest insoluble fiber and therefore it largely remains unabsorbed by the blood.

This insoluble fiber stays in the colon where it absorbs water and softens stools thus ensuring its easy passage. Therefore, your daily diet must contain at least 24 to 38 grams of fiber to avoid constipation. Foods that contain insoluble or dietary fiber are whole grains, fruits and vegetables like raspberries, pears and apples, pasta, barley and bran, split peas, black beans, red beans and lentils, artichokes, green peas and broccoli.

Fiber supplements or soluble fibers can also be consumed to get instant relief from constipation. As the name suggests soluble fibers get easily dissolved in water which when consumed forms a gel like substance in the intestines. Psyllium supplements like Metamucil is very popular among others.

Intake Of Fibrous Food


Water is the best medicine to cure chronic constipation. Sometimes inadequate consumption of water could be directly responsible for constipation and if this continues for a long time chronic constipation could easily set in. In the presence of sufficient of water in the stomach, the digestive system works properly which further goes on to improve bowel movements.

Those who are already suffering from constipation must drink at least a liter of water first thing in the morning. On a daily basis one should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to ensure regular bowel movements.



Sorbitol acts as a stimulant that promotes easy passage of stool which naturally minimizes the risk of constipation. Sugar alcohol sorbitol helps in the retention of fluid in the large intestine and thus acts as a cure for constipation.

Those suffering from constipation must consume prunes in large quantities as they are rich in sorbitol. Point to note is that prunes have almost 14.7 g of sorbitol per 100 grams. However, prune juice has just 6.1 g of sorbitol per 100 grams. Therefore, consuming prunes in their solid form is much more beneficial.


It has been repeatedly declared that exercise is the best medicine for almost all maladies in this world. Latest trends however reflect that more and more people are getting pushed towards a sedentary lifestyle due to their busy schedule. This is not good news at all because majority of people today are suffering from various health issues. There is a strong connection between exercise and constipation too.

The bowels need constant movement to function properly and that can be provided by regular exercise. This is specifically helpful for curing chronic constipation. Therefore, mild to moderate exercises are must to enhance bowel movements, like running, brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming.



Constipation caused due to pelvic floor dysfunction, a condition wherein the pelvic floor muscles cease to function properly, can be cured by biofeedback therapy. The involvement of several factors like obesity, enlarged prostate and childbirth are responsible for the onset of this condition. Therapists practicing biofeedback impart training regarding the coordination of muscles used for defecating.

At least 70 percent of people have shown improvement in the symptoms of constipation after practicing biofeedback. Constipation if left untreated could become dangerous and even fatal for your health. The above mentioned natural cures should be able to assist you in curing constipation.


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