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6 Ways To Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Ways To Prevent Carpal Tunnel

[toc]Carpal tunnel is the syndrome that affects the hands. Usually a person is not able to understand anything about the problem until and unless he/she goes through signs like severe burning sensation, aches and stiffness. However, if it is not treated on time, it can lead to severe conditions where you might not even be able to use the hands for prolonged periods of time. 

This will hamper the daily routine on a serious basis. A lot of times people have pangs of pain that stretches up to the arms as well. However, the points mentioned below will give you an idea on how to go ahead and prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome in an effortless manner. Check them out and follow regularly:

6 Ways To Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Warm Therapy

Warm Therapy For Carpal Tunnel

Chilly weather and environment in the room can cause muscle stiffness in the hands and make it more prone to carpal tunnel. It is best suggested that one keeps the hands warm by adhering to a simple method of wearing a pair of fingerless gloves while working. This will keep the palm warm and maintain the movements of the fingers and the hand.

Yoga Helps

Yoga For Carpal Tunnel

Strength building exercises along with yoga is a good way to keep the ligaments of the hands and the fingers in good shape and strong. This will in turn prevent issues of carpal tunnel syndrome. It also provides flexibility to the fingers. It increases the mobility and thus helps in keeping it problem free.

Maintain The Right Posture

Maintain The Right Posture For Carpal Tunnel

Slouching forward while sitting on the chair can put a lot of pressure on the hands and the fingers. Make sure you put pressure on the back while sitting. Also, as for the posture you need to make small movements from time to time. This can be done for about 60 seconds to stretch and maintain the posture. It will also prevent the muscles and ligaments from getting stiff. It is one prevention measure for carpal tunnel.

Give It A Massage

Massage For Carpal Tunnel

A simple and regular massage on the hands and the fingers can keep the ligaments and muscles in proper shape and give it good movement. This is one of the simple ways in which you can prevent stiffness and soreness that later on leads to carpal tunnel. It also relaxes the muscles.

Take A Break

Wrists Under Running Water For Carpal Tunnel

For those who work continuously on a computer and keep on typing the entire day are more prone to carpal tunnel. In this case, the best way to prevent the problem is to give the wrist a break from time to time. To do this in an ideal manner, put the wrists under running water and stretch them in the upward and downward direction and hold in each for a few seconds. Fingers should also be flexed for results.

Do Not Force

Stop Gripping The Pen Too Hard

Using less amount of force is advisable for those who are looking towards keeping carpal tunnel at bay. Stop pounding on the keyboard or stop gripping the pen too hard. With light and gentle touches, the hands will be in the rest condition and there will be no stress on the ligaments thus preventing carpal tunnel.

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