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How To Treat Carpal Tunnel

[toc]Carpal TunnelOur hands are of immense importance in our day to day lives. We need them to work, eat, write, pick up things, hold our kids and even express our emotions. However, most of us take our hands for granted and fail to take care of them, until something happens which prevents us from using them optimally. One of the most common ailments associated with our hands, which has becoming increasingly common these days, is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

This condition is characterized by numbness of the fingers as well as tingling sensation in the affected hand accompanied by intense pain. The condition is quite common and affects people of all ages but is more common amongst women and overweight people. If left untreated, the patient can experience weakness in the whole hand and ultimately lose functioning completely. Though most people prefer to go for surgery to treat their condition, there are a number of simple remedies that can be easily applied to relieve, reduce and manage the pain associated with this condition.

Ways To Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Enhance Your Diet

PineappleConsuming a diet rich in essential nutrients can go a long way towards improving the condition. Bromelain helps to reduce the swelling of tissues that is the most common symptom associated with this condition. Eating fruits rich in bromelain such as pineapple, kiwi fruit and papaya can be quite beneficial. The vitamin C present in these fruits also helps in reducing the swelling as well as healing the injured tissues in the affected region of the hand.


MassageMassaging the arms and wrist with the help of herbal massage oils is also quite helpful in reducing the swelling and pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.


yogaExercising the body regularly, especially using yoga postures and exercises can be extremely useful in boosting the blood circulation in the entire body, which in turn would help to accelerate and enhance the healing process of the entire body, including the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel as well.

Warm Bath

warm bathTaking a warm bath or soaking the wrist or affected part of the hand in a solution of Epsom salt and hot water for a minimum of 3 minutes can be quite helpful in providing instant pain relief to the patient suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Before soaking, make sure that the water is just hot enough for you to bare and not so hot that you end up scalding your hand. Simply soak the affected hand in the solution for 3 minutes and then remove and rinse using cold water.

Use a Splint

Use a SplintWrist splints are also available in drug stores these days that have been designed specifically for use by patients of CTS. This splint helps in keeping the wrist straight and in the optimal position for ensuring quick recovery. This is quite useful for accelerating the healing process of the inflamed band that surrounds the median nerve because bending the wrist compresses this nerve and leads to inflammation.

Rest the Wrist

Rest the WristBesides the above mentioned remedies, it is also extremely important to give enough rest to your wrist to aid in the healing process. Avoid sleeping on your wrist or forearm and refrain from engaging in activities that caused the symptoms to occur in the first place. If you are in the habit of knitting or beading, try to avoid these activities for few months till the condition disappears.

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