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How To Prevent Diabetes Type 2

[toc]Diabetes Type 2Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which you may or may not have diabetes in the future. So, it is vital to understand that you have to take measures to prevent the same. This kind of diabetes is rather dangerous and usually those above the age of 45 are prone to it. Common symptoms of the same include dizziness, obesity, etc. There are a lot of factors responsible for this kind of diabetes like genes and hormones.

However, there are many ways to prevent this form of diabetes and it is vital that you implement certain changes in your life too because you are at a great risk of passing it on to your children.Here are some simple and effectual ways to prevent diabetes type 2.

Effective Ways to Prevent Diabetes Type 2

Diet Change

You need a diet plan, which involves a very low intake of carbohydrates, a high intake of fat and moderate intake of proteins. This particular diet plan brings about ketosis which is a metabolic state. Here the carbohydrate intake is extremely restricted and therefore the body turns to the stored fat reserves in the body and starts burning it for obtaining energy.

The fat and protein which is consumed by people is converted into ketone bodies which then provide fuel to your body. Only a few days are needed for shifting once the carbs have been eliminated from your regular diet. Levels of triglycerides and carbohydrate consumption have a direct relation; when one falls, so does the other. The risk of heart attacks can be reduced in this way. You benefit because sugar and insulin levels fall: Blood sugar and insulin levels will no longer be driven up because less sugar will be coming in.

Control Blood Pressure

 Blood PressureWhen the intake of carbohydrates is reduced, controlling blood pressure levels becomes easier. One can also stop taking medications for blood pressure as it gradually reaches a normal level if the right diet is strictly followed.

However, you also need to make sure that your blood pressure is checked on a regular basis. This will help you keep a tab of your health and minimize chances of getting this diabetes.

Reduction in Cholesterol Levels

CholesterolExcess glucose in regular diet leads to the production of cholesterol in the body. When the number of sugar creating foods is cut back, your arterial system does not suffer from any damage and inflammation drops.

As the level of glucose in the blood is reduced, so is the level of cholesterol. Remember that here you should again check cholesterol levels through doctors to ensure that they are under control. If they are not in check, the chances of getting diabetes 2 are very high.


exerciseEven if calorie consumption is not reduced, one can lose weight if the activity level is increased. Taking a slow start is beneficial if you are leading an inactive lifestyle. You can gradually increase your activity level and burn off calories you are consuming which can assist in weight loss.

Abrupt intensive exercise can have a negative impact on the body. Simple measures like walking should be used to begin the exercise and then an appropriate exercise program involving yoga and aerobics can be followed. Exercise not only leads to weight reduction but also improves metabolism and your general well being. It enables individuals to be more productive and active.

Medications Affecting Weight Gain

Diabetic patients have to take medications which can be a cause of weight gain. Be sure to ask your doctor about these medications and look up alternative medications instead. So if you are already suffering from diabetes 1, you still have a chance of getting type 2. So make sure that you speak to your physician about this and avoid medications, which may cause further obesity.

Home Remedies

Apple Cider VinegarHigh sugar levels in blood can be reduced with apple cider vinegar. Flaxseed oil is also beneficial in repairing cells and bringing down the need for sugar consumption by providing fatty acids to the body.

Cinnamon also increases production of insulin and reduces sugar levels just like Alfalfa does.

Increase Water Intake

Drink WaterOne of the simplest natural remedy is to drink as much water as possible. It often happens that when a body is dehydrated, it starts demanding food.

Eating between meals is not beneficial as it will lead to a higher number of consumed calories which increase weight. Hence, drinking ample water can aid in hunger during meal times.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter GourdConsuming the juice of bitter gourd or even regular gourd helps to keep the diabetes 2 in check. What you can do is have this juice on an empty stomach or even consume this vegetable in larger quantities in your diet. The ingredients in the vegetable help curb and prevent diabetes type 2.