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Top 5 Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia

Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia

[toc]Insomnia, named as sleeping sickness in general terms, is a common problem of all age groups. This may cause difficulty to sleep, and even if you sleep it will not last long, causing troubles for continuous and peaceful sleep. This obviously will create a stressful morning and you will not be able to concentrate properly in your work.

This will also disrupt the quality of both personal and professional life. Insomnia is mainly caused due to the intake of drugs in excess amount, which restricts sleep. It may also be caused due to hormonal imbalance, at times. This, in general is a temporary condition and curable too.

5 Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia

Say no to Caffeine

Quit Caffeine For Insomnia

Caffeine is one of the main enemies of your peaceful sleep. If you intake more amount of coffee or tea, which is rich in caffeine, then you have to avoid it at least to some extent. Even if you cannot leave it out completely, you can reduce the amount that you in take. Also, avoid drinking coffee at least a few hours before you go to bed. This can really be effective in relieving you out from the problem of insomnia.

Warm Milk At Bed Time

Warm Milk At Bed Time

An hour before going to bed, you can have a glass of warm milk. This is advantageous in lots of ways.It will ease your nerve cells and relax you for a comfortable sleep.  Also, the warm milk will enhance digestion process too. Even, if the dinner that you took, does not get digested properly, your sleep may be disturbed. So, practice taking warm milk regularly and enjoy a great sleep. Also, remember to have your dinner well before you go to bed. A minimum of two hours gap should be left after your dinner, to go to bed.

Get Help Form Valerin

Valerin Herb For Insomnia

Valerin is a small plant which has the property to act as a relaxant when in taken. All the parts, right from root, stem and flowers of this plan is found to have this value. If you are unable to get a plant, you can go for medicines that are prepared using this plant. It is scientifically proven that, this plant helps you out of insomnia and gets you peaceful sleep.

Curing Effect Of Chamomile

Chamomile For Insomnia

The flowers and leaves of Chamomile, an easily available plant, can be dried and powered, to prepare tea. This can be used for consumption at least twice a day, to cure insomnia. The oil that is prepared out of this plant also relaxes your body muscles and this can be added with water to take bath. You can take this refreshing bath before going to bed and feel the effect of a good massage.

Pick Some Passion Flower

Passion Flower For Insomnia

Passion flower is very effective in easing out nerve cells. If you are unable to sleep because of stress, you can try this out. You can boil this flower in water and consume the juice after filtering. It not only helps in relieving stress, but also helps to get good sleep.

Temporary insomnia is often not a big problem and it can be treated naturally at home. But, if you are suffering for a prolonged period, you have to get some medical advice.

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