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How To Get Rid Of Insomnia

Ways To Get Rid Of Insomnia

[toc]All the people out there must have had an all-nighter in their lives. You can just imagine the way you feel after working up for that final presentation, exam etc. But just imagine how you would feel if your life only consisted of these sleepless nights, forever. If you sometimes feel like a rock instead of sleeping like one then you are among those people who suffer from the occasional bouts of insomnia. In fact, in today’s world a lot of people visit a doctor to help them relieve off the sleep disorder. 

It is very true that Sir Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and other great people only slept for four hours each day. But they were great beings and worked much harder than any other mortal soul on earth. It is normal to sleep for 6 to 10 hours every night. This is the sleep time that most mortal beings require.

11 Various Ways To Get rid of Insomnia

Poor Lifestyle

Poor Lifestyle For Insomnia

Now, it is really easy to blame insomnia on the things that we mortally cannot control. Stress is normally named as the biggest cause of insomnia. But in most of the cases insomnia also occurs due to poor lifestyle. Therefore, you need to look into your daily life and make the necessary changes.


Caffeine For Insomnia

This is a widely named cause for insomnia. Therefore, if you seem to be tossing and turning during night time then toss away the caffeine from your life.

Chocolate, coffee, tea, colas and certain medicines contain caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and drives away the sleep. If you are sensitive then the effect can last up to 20 hours. You must cut down on the eatables that contain caffeine to induce sleep.


Quit Alcohol For Insomnia

Alcohol can be a tricky matter. People might argue that the liquor acts like a sedative and induces sleep. However, it is not completely true. Alcohol lightens the sleep and breaks it into pieces. This will actually wake you up as your body begins to digest alcohol. The first thought that might cross your mind is that you are cold, but in fact you are not getting that complete rest which your body requires. Alcohol is not good for the digestive system, brain and sleep! You must stave off from drinking alcohol close to your bedtime.

Heavy Meal

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Insomnia

After eating a heavy meal most of us feel sleepy, but the body has played a trick. Heavy meal actually will keep you from sleeping due to the over work of the digestive system. Therefore, you must actually keep a track of the food that you eat during the night time.

Always try and avoid MSG, spicy and fatty food, and eatables that cause gas in the body. If you eat right type of food at night your sleeping disorder will go away soon. Milk is full of amino acids which your body will slowly convert into sleep enhancing stuff for the brain. Calcium, vitamins and minerals all help in relaxing your body.

Night Time Snacking

Night Time Snacking For Insomnia

If you feel hungry at the night time, then you can eat a light snack before you go to bed. There are certain food products that promote the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is the hormone that is associated with sleeping. The healthy snacks that you can eat at night are cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, soy nuts, pumpkin seeds etc. Now most of the people will realize the mistake they make during the thanksgiving dinner. High carbohydrate food will create another hormone known as serotonin that reduces tension and gives people a refreshing sleep.


Quit Smoking For Insomnia

Smoking is not a healthy habit. There are so many campaigns going on in around the world. If you do not pay heed to the campaigns then at least take a look at the bags under the eyes. If you want to sleep then you will have to quit smoking.

Smoking increases your blood pressure, heart rate and the brain activity. Smoking as all the people understand causes cancer. Therefore, join the no smoking campaign and quit your bad habit.


Exercising For Insomnia

If you exercise regularly then it will induce sleep and relaxation. But you must take care and never exercise close to your bed time. This is because exercising increases the heart rate and metabolism of the body and makes one to volatile to actually go to sleep.

Late afternoon is the best time to exercise; this is because your body gets enough time to relax before you settle on your bed. Exercising and warm bath raises the body temperature thus producing melatonin that takes the temperature back to the normal level, relaxes the body and induces nice sleep.

Get A Comfortable Bed

Get A Comfortable Bed For Insomnia

This is very obvious, but even then you must try and make your bed as comfortable for your body as possible. Experiment and see what suits your body the best!

Select A Comfortable Position

Comfortable Position For Insomnia

Select a position that you will be comfortable when you sleep. This must be the position that you find yourself when you wake up. Now, if the cause of your insomnia is your partner, then you cannot ask him to sleep in another room! If he kicks at night or snores, you will have to deal with the situation. Get yourself earplugs or big bed. Try and make yourself as comfortable as possible when you sleep.

Remove The Big Clock From Your Room

Remove The Big Clock From Your Room

If you find yourself staring at the wall clock in the middle of the night then you must remove it the next day itself. A room is meant to be slept in. A big wall clock will always remind you that you are awake when everybody else is sleeping. You must remember that worry and stress are eating your sleep away.

Dim Those Big Lights

Dim Big Lights For Insomnia

You must control the lighting of your room at night. Excessive brightness will never allow you to sleep properly and it will also affect your eyes. In fact, you can switch off the excessive lights an hour before your bed time. Dim lights will induce relaxation in the body and allow you to sleep easily.

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