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How To Treat Insomnia

Ways To Treat Insomnia

[toc]Are you suffering from inappropriate sleep pattern, which leaves you dull and disturbed? If yes, then you are suffering from insomnia. The quality of sleep one gets is more important than the number of hours slept. Majority of the world’s population suffers from insomnia due to increasing stress, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some techniques by which one can counter insomnia, which include relaxation techniques, watching your diet and also taking dietary supplements:

11 Various Ways To Treat Insomnia

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing For Insomnia

Close your eyes and breathe deeply from your abdomen. While breathing deeply, our chest, belly and ribcage get involved in the breathing process. This helps to improve our parasympathetic nervous system which has function of relaxation.

Meditation And Yoga

Yoga For Insomnia

Meditation and yogasanas help in muscle relaxation. Consistency in these techniques improves breathing. Deep inhalation and exhalation improves oxygen consumption which subsequently improves quality of sleep. Muscle relaxation. Regular warm up and stretching exercises help to improve oxygen intake of body. Make it a practice to exercise atleast for 20-30 minutes a day.

Banana Every Night

Eat Banana For Insomnia

Before going to bed, one can have a banana. As it contains a tryptophan which helps brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is effective for sleeping.

Warm Milk At Night 

Warm Milk At Night  For Insomnia

A glass of warm milk taken half an hour before sleeping prove effective to induce sleep as it also contains tryptophan.


Valerian For Insomnia

It is a mild sedative and helps in sleeping. Valerin root is effective for reducing excitements, irritations and pain and hence is recommended for insomnia patients.


Aniseed For Insomnia

Aniseed has relaxing effect on nervous system. One can have tea of Aniseed before going to bed. Put some aniseed in water and bring this to a boil. Consume it warm before going to bed.


Nutmeg For Insomnia

For treating sleeping problems in children, nutmeg is useful. One can have mixture of Amalaki, Honey and Nutmeg.

Indian Sorrel

Indian sorrel’s leaf is useful in insomnia. One can prepare juice of leaves of Indian Sorrel and have it before sleeping. You can also mix its juice with equal part of oil and massage your head every night.


Brahmi For Insomnia

Brahmi is useful in inducing sleep. You may massage your head with brahmi by mixing it with sesame oil. It leads to sound sleep.


Rauwolfia For Insomnia

This is another good sedative but non-stimulating. This is useful for both children as well as adults. One can take powdered root of it with vanilla or cardamom.

Follow A Proper Diet

Proper Diet For Insomnia

Patients suffering from insomnia must avoid heavy food in dinner. In case you have a heavy dinner, take it atleast three-four hours before sleeping. Sometimes, having a heavy dinner cannot be avoided if you are out at get-togethers or parties. In such a case, take a walk before sleeping. This helps in bringing sleep.

Spicy food is responsible for acidity, which is again a cause of sleeplessness, Hence spicy food must be avoided in the evening. Also avoid sugary food in the evenings and nights as this inhibits sleep. Lifestyle changes like adoption of simpler and tension-free life is advised to insomnia patients. This leads to good sleep and healthier life too.

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